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The best way to memorize a city is to find vital features that the poem"s framework that produce a sample to you or stand out to you. These you will remember, so build your memorization roughly them.

In Robert Frost"s "The roadway Not taken ," there are connections...

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The best way to memorize a city is to find key features of the poem"s structure that create a pattern to girlfriend or stand the end to you. This you will remember, so build your memorization about them.

In Robert Frost"s "The roadway Not Taken," over there are relationships of ideas in every stanza; there is a chronological design: 

The speaker sees the two routes and also looks down one of themThe speaker takes the various other path due to the fact that it to be grassy and also not worn, although lock look basically the sameHe keeps the an initial "road" for one more dayHe will certainly tell "this" v a sigh

Once you obtain these concepts in your mind--the key ideas--along v their pattern, you have the right to memorize the very first lines of each stanza thoroughly as they will "ignite" her memory that the ones that follow.

If you can conveniently learn songs, then committing to storage the meter that the poem and its rhyme is a great way come remember it. (Some students memorize the last words of each line, quite than the first.) reading the city aloud over and also over will assist the "ear" to remember the lines.-OR-Since poems often progress through associative images, you can write under these images and look in ~ the words together you start to memorize. Occasionally when a college student gets "stuck," these images will ignite the memory. Memorizing an essential phrases helps, also, as they act together connective tissue.

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-OR-Memorizing the first letter of each line, or the an initial word, help to "jog" the memory sometimes. This is an extremely helpful if students are asked to compose the poem from memory, due to the fact that they can easily write those letters down, then to fill in the poem from the beginning. Often that one letter will jog the memory.________________________________________________

Read the poem aloud number of times and also practice, practice. Naught is better than repetition. Hearing the helps, too. As the currently become an ext familiar come you, to speak them there is no looking at the page. Then, view if you deserve to write it there is no looking in ~ anything.