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1A Auto reflects you how to repair, fix, change or change a broken or snapped off tailgate handle. This video is applicable to 1998-2011 Ford Ranger models. The actual auto shown is a 2004 Ford Ranger. You will first learn how to eliminate your present tailgate handle, and then download a replacement. To clock this repair being done, please watch the full video below:
video clip Source: http://www.1aauto.com/content/video/how-to-replace-a-tailgate-handle-on-a-1998-2011-ford-ranger-pickup-truck tools Needed: T27 Torx Bit and also Driver 10mm Socket and Ratchet Penetrating Oil White Grease

Remove eight T27 Torx bolts indigenous the inside of the tailgate to remove the liner. Take the liner up and off that the tailgate. Eliminate the accessibility panel spanning the manage mechanism. The panel must come right off because the bolts were also holding the on.

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With a socket and ratchet eliminate the two 10mm nuts from the tailgate handle. Traction the handle down and also out of the vehicle. This is exactly how you remove the tailgate handle. These handles often break since the inside system gets stuck or frozen.

Step 3: prior to Installing new Handle, Spray Penetrating Oil ~ above the Mechanism and Latches on either Side and also Apply White Grease


Before you install the new handle, spray a great amount the penetrating oil top top the mechanism and latches ~ above either side to free them up and then apply some white grease to insure that everything continues to move freely.

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Feed the new tailgate take care of replacement up right into the tailgate, lining the studs up v the holes. Secure the handle with the 2 10mm nuts and tighten v the socket and ratchet.


Place the accessibility panel and liner earlier into position and also secure with the eight T27 Torx bolts. That is how to replace a tailgate take care of on 1998-2011 Ford Ranger models. 

need come know how to open tailgate with damaged handle and also cover on top of back? there is no breaking top!