HomeLink Garage Door Programming Guide

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How to regimen Your Garage Door Opener v HomeLink

We love the convenience that garage door openers, however let’s face it – the clunky transmitter looks like it to be designed in the 90’s. With the HomeLink system, plenty of Ford vehicles attribute a programmable collection of sleek transmitter buttons installed right into the driver’s next visor. Sign up with us as we walk through exactly how to regimen your garage door opener with HomeLink with this step-by-step guide.

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Programming your Garage Door Opener v HomeLink

Turn on her vehicleHold your old garage door transmitter a couple inches away from the HomeLink switch panelChoose i m sorry HomeLink button you’d prefer to programPress and hold both the transmitter button and your selected HomeLink buttonThe HomeLink indicator light will certainly switch indigenous a slow-moving blink to solid or flashing rapidlyPress and hold the switch for 5 seconds


Solid Light – If you have actually a resolved code device, your HomeLink indicator light will be solid and pressing the button should now activate her garage door.

Rapid Flashing – If her light flashes quickly then transforms to a constant light, you likely have a rojo code maker that needs a few additional steps. The complying with steps must be completed within 30 seconds, for this reason a second person may make the procedure easier.

Press and hold the learn/smart button on her garage door opener motor.Press and also hold the selected role button on your HomeLink because that 2 seconds, relax it, then push it again for 2 seconds and release it

Resetting her HomeLink System

To clear her vehicle’s HomeLink system of every programming settings, press and hold the external two HomeLink buttons until the indicator light alters from solid come flashing rapidly (about 10 seconds).

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