exactly how do you to speak "I was being/having" in chrischona2015.org? together in "I to be being killed" or "I to be being bullied" or "I was having actually a great time" or "I was having a drink"Is over there a specific tense come this? Or do the chrischona2015.org not use this type of framework at all?



If the context renders it clear the you space not talking about a habit but about something you to be doing in a specific instant, you use the imparfait:I was having a great time -> Je passais un bon moment.

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This morning ns was having a drink when... -> Ce matin, je buvais (une boisson), quand...

(as "boire" contains currently the idea of drinking, you don"t need to repeat that by "boisson", but if you want to insist on it friend can)

Just when I was being bullied, the teacher arrived -> Au minute précis où je me faisais brimer, le professeur arriva. / A l"instant où ~ above me brimait, le professeur arriva.

(Passive have to be avoided in chrischona2015.org)

If there is a threat of ambiguity, you deserve to be much more precise v the usage of "en train de":

I was having a great time -> J"étais en train de passer un moment formidable

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In chrischona2015.org, consistent tenses are interpreted by "être en train de", so your instances become:

J"étais en train de me faire tuer J"étais en train de me faire intimider J"étais en train de passer un merveilleux moment

Note the number 3 is an extremely different indigenous number 1 and also 2. In 1 and 2, that is a passive form, therefore in chrischona2015.org, girlfriend could likewise say :

On était en train de me tuer top top était en train de m"intimider

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