Happy date of birth in Khmer (រីករាយថ្ងៃខួបកំនើត / rikreay thngaikhuob kam neut) is provided in date of birth celebrations in Cambodia. Many people approximately the world will agree the a birthday is among the happiest and also most important celebrations in their lives. This day is scheduled not just due to the fact that it is the day once you are born yet it also symbolizes being grateful for an additional year of your life. Yet in Cambodia, they do not memory birthdays.

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Unlike in various other culture, birthdays in Cambodia is not thought about as huge events. Walk you understand that enlarge Cambodians may not also know the exact day of your birthday? but don’t acquire them wrong. There is no factor to be sad since it’s part of Cambodian culture. This information might be brand-new to you but for the very rich society and tradition of Cambodians, this what makes them unique among others.

Wishing someone Happy date of birth In Khmer

Even despite Cambodians carry out not storage birthdays the way most world in the human being do, yes no reason to at least learn exactly how to speak Happy date of birth in Khmer. You can still greet somebody with a Happy Birthday especially when you are in Cambodia. It is tho nice come learn exactly how to say Happy birthday in the Khmer language. This can likewise be a sign of respect and a means of letting civilization know that you remember castle on the day they to be born. To great someone Happy birthday in the Khmer language, you can use the following:

1. Rikreay Thngaikhuob Kam Neut (រីករាយថ្ងៃខួបកំនើត )



This is the most common and easiest way to say Happy birthday in the Khmer language. This phrase literally way Happy Birthday in English.

2. Saum Aoy Avei Avei Laor Brasaer (សូមអោយអ្វីៗល្អប្រសើរ)



Wishing someone a happy birthday can likewise be indifferent form. You have the right to use various words such as saum aoy avei avei laor brasaer (សូមអោយអ្វីៗល្អប្រសើរ) which method All the best! in English.

3. Khnhom Saumchounopr Aoy Anak average Thngaikamnaet Da Aschar (ខ្ញុំសូមជូនពរឱ្យអ្នកមានថ្ងៃកំណើតដ៏អស្ចារ្យ)


Another way of wishing someone a Happy birthday is shnhom saumchounopr aoy anak typical thngaikamnaet da aschar (ខ្ញុំសូមជូនពរឱ្យអ្នកមានថ្ងៃកំណើតដ៏អស្ចារ្យ). This way I great you a an excellent birthday in English.

Now the you have actually learned 3 different ways come greet and also wish who Happy birthday in the Khmer language, you deserve to now usage it in details situations. Girlfriend can likewise use that to compose letters and also dedication cards once it is someone’s birthday. Nowadays, if you want to greet someone v a happy birthday you deserve to simply execute it v social networking sites. You may send emojis, Gifs, and even voice messages simply to permit them know that girlfriend remember them. Remember, understanding the best words to say is just a means of greeting someone a Happy Birthday. The most essential thing is sincerity if you space saying it.

Gift providing In Cambodian Culture

Everything that needs to do through birthdays, consisting of gifts, must not it is in left out. Although it is no required, people, especially children, want to acquire something during their birthdays. Presents are a authorize of thoughtfulness for many of us. It might come in a various form. Talking around gift-giving, Cambodians practice a very unique etiquette. If you desire to learn about this, examine it the end below:

1. Presents Are typically Given during Cambodian new Year

Like what it says above, birthdays room not huge events in Cambodia. Cambodian brand-new Year is a an extremely important celebration for them as it symbolizes brand-new beginnings. Even so, you can still provide a gift to who if it is his/her birthday. There’s nothing wrong v being thoughtful.

2. Gifts Are usually Wrapped In colorful Paper

Just like in various other cultures, a gift should be well-presented. Nowadays, world tend to use shopping bags as gift wrappers but in Cambodia, that is nice to wrap the gifts in colorful paper. Together a receiver, the is nice to see presents that space well-wrapped. Protect against using white document because white color method mourning in Cambodian culture.

3. Usage Both hand When giving Gifts

Cambodians value respect. When giving gifts, making use of both hands is a authorize of respect. That is a little gesture yet it really method a lot in Cambodian culture.

4. Little Gift Can likewise Be take away If invite To Someone’s house For Food

As a visitor, it is nice come give tiny gifts choose flowers, pastries, and fruits. It is likewise a sign of respect no come empty-handed once visiting one’s home. You re welcome remember that mirroring respect outcomes in stronger relationships.

Khmer date of birth Words and also Phrases

Knowing just how to to speak Happy birthday in the Khmer language is not enough to celebrate together a exorbitant day. Try to find out these various words and also phrases that will surely assist you memory birthdays with much joy.

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Learn more About Khmer Language and Other Languages

Did you gain learning just how to speak Happy birthday in Khmer? try also learning exactly how to speak happy birthday in different languages prefer the following:

Japanese — お誕生日おめでとう!(o-tanjoubi omedetou)Thai — สุขสันต์วันเกิด (suk-san wan-gued)French — Bon anniversaire !Spanish — ¡Feliz cumpleaños!Portuguese — Feliz aniversário!Italian — Buon compleanno!

Isn’t it amazing to have the ability to read, write and also understand various languages? finding out Khmer and other languages have the right to be much more fun and also exciting. If you have enjoyed learning the words and phrases above, girlfriend are now ready to begin learning much more Khmer and even various other languages through Ling App. Take a action forward and also do no feel reserved. This will certainly not only offer you a direct translation that a particular word and also phrase you want to know however it will certainly also aid you answer several of your questions around a specific language.

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Ling is a game-like language learning application with a pack of 60+ languages. Girlfriend will learn languages in funny ways!