Oh, the love…taking ideas from the internet about what to write about, I observed that many world were looking the web for ways to to speak “I Love girlfriend In Portuguese”. This appears so intriguing and also lovable, because in the days us are currently living in, it gives me expect to view that love quiet brings world together. At least in what comes to online looking keywords.

In fact, in my year of experience teaching european Portuguese as a foreign language, I have actually come to notification that the motivation of my students for discovering Portuguese come from among these three main factors (sometimes much more than one in ~ the same time):

Moving come Portugal;

Orrrr…yeah! you guessed it….


So, today I will certainly write a little bit around all the ways there are to call your special one (and likewise other meaningful world in her life, due to the fact that love come in countless different ways, right?) that you love the or her.

Make sure to examine out the complying with YouTube video, where I am talking about this topic