Saying ‘I love you’ deserve to be both scary and also exciting and even much more so in a brand-new language!There are various ways to say ‘I love you’ relying on the situation. Make certain you use the appropriate one.If you want to know just how to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic unit volume in Slovenian, then read on.

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How to Say ‘I Love You’ In Slovenian

The method that you tell someone that you love them in Slovenian depends on who you’re speak to. 

For romantic love, you can say:EnglishSlovenianPronunciationI love friend (romantic)Ljubim teLyu-bim teh
This phrase is only supplied in romantic relationships e.g. V a husband/boyfriend or a wife/girlfriend. Both genders can use this exact same phrase.For all species of love, you have the right to say:

EnglishSlovenianPronunciationI love girlfriend (female speaker)Rada dare imamRah-da teh imamI love you (male speaker)Rad car imamRad teh imam

These phrases can be supplied with anyone consisting of partners, family and friends. Check the end the video clip below come hear the pronunciation of these phrases by a native speaker:

Romantic paragraph & regards to Endearment in Slovenian

Try these various other romantic phrases and terms the endearment including just how to say ‘I miss you’ in Slovenian.

EnglishSlovenianPronunciationI love you so muchLjubim dare močnoLyu-bim teh moch-noI love girlfriend tooTudi jaz dare ljubimToo-dee yas teh lyu-bimI miss youPogrešam tePoh-gresham tehI like youVšeč si miOo-shech see meeI prefer you a lotZelo si mi všečZelo watch mee oo-shechYou are an extremely beautifulZelo ste lepiZelo steh leh-peeMy loveMoja ljubezenMoh-jah lyoo-beh-zenLoveLjubezenLyoo-beh-zenLove/kiss (name because that a female)LjubicaLyu-bitsaDarling (speaking come a male)DragiDrag-eeDarling (speaking to a female)DragaDrag-ah

These phrases should come in handy whether you’ve got a love attention from Slovenia or even if it is you’re simply visiting and also want to be prepared.

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