A lot of of human being wonder how come say ice cream cream in Spanish and the price is in reality quite an easy and you can uncover it in any kind of bilingual English-Spanish dictionary. However, in exercise you will have to know, besides how to speak ‘ice cream’ in Spanish, the different species of ice cream cream that you have the right to eat and also how come order them.

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If girlfriend visit Spain in June, July or August, you’ll need to go to an ice-cream parlor to be able to beat the heat. I’ve created this article to this end. When you finish reading it, you’ll be able to order different varieties of ice cream and also different flavors. Through the way, ‘ice cream’ is ‘helado’ in Spanish.


1 just how to say ice cream in Spanish? Flavors

How come say ice cream in Spanish? Flavors

When we go come a heladería (ice-cream parlor), the very first thing we notification is the flavors due to the fact that it’s the first choice we need to make to be able to eat our long-awaited ice cream cream. There are straightforward flavors and an ext elaborate combinations. relying on the heladería we go to, fine find much more or much less flavors, but in any kind of of them we can uncover these simple ones:

Helado de chocolate (Chocolate ice cream)Helado de vainilla (Vanilla ice cream cream)Helado de turrón (Nougat ice cream cream)Helado de nata (Cream ice cream)Helado de fresa (Strawberry ice cream)

There are likewise others the don’t have many ingredients but they have a substantial acceptance, especially amongst children. many them room made of fruits:

Helado de yogurt (Yogurt ice cream)Helado de sandía (Watermelon ice cream)Helado de limón (Lemon ice cream cream)Helado de coco (Coconut ice cream)Helado de frambuesa (Raspberry ice cream cream)Helado de mora (Blackberry ice cream)Helado de tutti frutti (Tutti-frutti ice cream)Helado de caramelo (Caramel ice cream cream)Helado de pistacho (Pistachio ice cream cream)

There room some an ext elaborate flavors worth a try because they space delicious. Here are the persons I like the most:

Helado de dulce de leche (Dulce de leche ice cream cream)Helado de kínder (bueno) (Kinder Bueno ice cream)Helado de Ferrero Rocher (Ferrero Rocher ice cream)Helado de Nutella (Nutella ice cream cream)Helado de Frutas del bosque (Fruits that the forest ice cream)Helado de Tiramisú (Tiramisu ice cream)

Different varieties of ice cream

Once you’ve preferred the flavor, you have to select how you’re going to have it served: in a cucurucho, in a tarrina, in a tulipa, in a copa? this is an infographic:


Cucurucho: Cone-shaped pastry. The top have the right to be filled through one, two or 3 scoops of ice cream.

Tarrina: Small tub that it’s usually supplied for maintain food. There are different bath tub sizes for ice creams (even liters). Tubs deserve to be filled v scoops or to fill the within of the bathtub with ice cream.

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Tulipa: Tulip-shaped (flower) pastry. One, two, three or 4 scoops of ice cream with warm chocolate and whipped cream on optimal of it. Delicious!

Copa de helado: decision glass v one, two, 3 or 4 scoops of ice cream, usually offered with whipped cream ~ above top.

Now, I desire to display you v a actual conversational overview how come order an ice cream cream in Spanish. You can download for free this guide