What carry out you imagine as soon as you hear the word panini? more than likely a delicious sandwich, served heat after being toasted come perfection, am ns right?

A panini sandwich

What you might not understand is that panini is actually the many of the Italian singular panino, which fairly simply way bread roll or sandwich. Etymologically speaking, that is the diminutive that the generic word for bread, pane.

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IPA: /pa·nì·no/

The timeless Italian panino, likewise known by its complete name panino imbottito or panino farcito, is made with any kind of kind of Italian bread, two of the most renowned being ciabatta and focaccia.

Panino farcito

Once sliced horizontally, it is filled with assorted ingredients such together salami, cheese, ham, and salad. It have the right to be served either hot (caldo) or cold (freddo).

Ho mangiato solo un panino a pranzo.

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I ate just a sandwich for lunch.

Did you understand that…?Just as the word panini has gotten in the English language, therefore too has the word sandwich infiltrated the language the love! over there isn’t a significant difference in meaning between panino and sandwich in Italian: both refer to a roll or 2 slices that bread stuffed with various ingredients. Be aware that the isn’t used nearly as frequently as panino however, therefore don’t check out it together an excuse not the discover the appropriate term.