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Meaning: yes, right, really, let, and, but


Part that speech: conjunction, particleRank: #48 (see frequency list)

Yes, I"ll involved the party.Photo by Andy Welsh, license is granted under CC-BY-SA-2.0
Да, я приду́ на вечери́нку.Yes, I"ll pertained to the party.Да, ты, навéрное, прав.Yes, you are most likely right.Мне звони́л Cáша? Да.Did Sasha speak to me? Yes.Ты купи́л хлéба, да?You bought part bread, didn"t you?literal friend bought part bread, right?Чáшка на ку́хне, да?The cup is in the kitchen, isn"t it?literal The cup is in the kitchen, right?Да? А я ду́мал, ты ужé в Гермáнии.Really? and I thought you were currently in Germany.Да... э́то иногдá случáeтся.Well... It can take place sometimes.literal oh yes... Occasionally it happens.Да, не забу́дь взять дéньги.Oh yes, don"t forget to take it the money.Да, ещë хотéл сказáть кóe-что.Oh yes, I want to tell girlfriend something else.-- Да? -- Да, э́то Людми́ла.-- Hello? (on the phone) -- Yes, it"s Lyudmila.Да ты что! Пря́мо не вéрится!Oh really? It"s simply unbelievable!Да сaди́сь ужé, сади́сь, не стой!Come on, sit down finally, don"t stand!Да здрáвствует мир во всëм ми́ре!Long live global peace!Я слу́шала-слу́шала да и засну́ла.I to be listening for so long and I suddenly dropped asleep.literal i was listening and listening and I dropped asleep.Я бы помóг тебé, да врéмени нет совсéм.I could help you, yet I have actually no time in ~ all.

Вот э́то да!
= Wow! literal here that yes!Да ну? = five really?Ну дa = Oh, yes, really, Да нет = No (with a doubt) literal yes noДа нет навéрное = more than likely not literal yes no probablyДа прям(о) = oh really? (I don"t believe you) literal yes directlyДа ещë как! = Strongly, intensivelyДа и то = BesidesДа и тóлько = OnlyНи да ни нет = no yes or no.

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Related words:
конéчно = sureнавéрное = probably
Proverbs and also sayings:
Рад бы в рай, да грехи́ не пускáют.The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.literal I"d be happy to walk to walk to paradise, yet my guilty won"t permit me in.Мáленький, да удáленький.Tiny but shinyliteral tiny but mighty.Хоть ви́дит óко, да зуб неймëт (И.А.Крылóв)The girl watch fine, but she isn"t mine.literal Although her eyes room seeing it, friend can"t with it v your teeth. (A.S.Krylov)Мал золотни́к, да дóрог.Think large go small.literal Zolotnik (4.6 g) is small but expensive.Да бу́дет свет!Let there be light! (The divine Bible)

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