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When performing snow blower or lawn mower maintenance, friend may uncover that the timing on your little engine is off, bring about your out power devices to not role at full capacity.

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Timing describes the ignition and the procedure by i m sorry the spark plugs fire, creating a spark in the little engine combustion chamber. The spark must fire when the maximum air-fuel mixture is in the chamber, giving the most power for your fuel. The timing have to be at the correct setup for your lawn mower or snow blower to perform at top level, influence the speed and also efficiency in ~ which the engine fires.

It’s feasible to adjust your engine timing with a time light and also a set of wrenches, tools obtainable at any auto or lawn mower components store.

It is important that the point out match, EXACTLY. One mark will be on the optimal of a tooth on the gear, the equivalent mark will be discovered on the bottom of a this on the various other gear.

When performing the valve timing, the is unnecessary come be pertained to with piston position (it will certainly NOT typically be in ~ TDC as soon as doing this).

For more details concerning your little engine specifications and also technical servicing info is in theBriggs and also Stratton repair Manual. The correct Repair manual for your version engine is often provided in your engine"sIllustrated parts Listor found through your local Briggs and Stratton Dealer.

If you’re can not to find your design number to testimonial your hand-operated please visit ourIdentify Your little Engine version Numberpage for help getting started.

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Learn exactly how to properly and safely use, troubleshoot, and maintain her lawn mower, tractor, eye blower, and other lawn and garden equipment.

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