As the surname suggests, this is a an extremely common taping layout used by football player from beginning of the person to advanced level. Starting from the butt end, you wrap the ice tightly around the shaft, overlapping on each turn by in between a quarter and a half of the tape"s width. Once you have reached a point around one quarter of the method up the shaft, complete by pack a couple of straight turns.

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Half Box


This is comparable in style to the standard quarter, yet extending further up the shaft. It, therefore, offers a little much more control for different hand positions. Together before, begin from the bottom of the stick and also wrap tightly, overlapping the tape together you go, until you have reached the middle of the shaft. Double or triple wrap on the last rotate to complete.

Candy Cane


Can girlfriend guess where this style of taping obtained its name? If you like the watch of this, you"ll should start with a few repeats, turns at the bottom that the column to offer stability, and then transforming your rod in your hands, plunder the tape at between a 30 and 45 degrees angle to the shaft. Different angles will offer you more or less very closely spaced "stripes". Proceed to the center of the shaft and wrap a couple of times to complete.

Criss Cross


If you"d choose to stand out on the lacrosse field, the "criss-cross" can be the one for you, it"s certainly distinctive. This format is pretty much a advancement of the candy cane, beginning in precisely the very same way, however once you"ve finished, flip the stick and do an additional candy cane pattern the the opposite way. The cheat is maintaining your angle continuous to certain the crosses enhance up in a right line.

At the finish of the day, there"s no appropriate or wrong style - just how you tape her stick is entirely up come you. You may want come adapt among the styles displayed on this page for your own use or come up through something new. Test the end your desired style in your following training game, or top top your very own using a lacrosse rebounder come make certain your grip and form are correct and your shots room on target.


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