i’m fascinated by the idea of me bondage and also love the fact that you deserve to fulfil your own fantasies and also desires by act it you yourself without a tug partner. I’m terrible at that myself though ns don’t really have actually much practice. I enjoy tying my feet along with a scarf native time to time - since that’s really really easy - and shot and kick and also struggle against the bonds. The pretty basic to escape from as well as my knots no that an excellent which kind of suck if you participate in me bondage, how do girlfriend tie yourself up?

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JohnnyCentennial ClubPosts: 109Joined: 3 year ago
I most commonly do a self hogtie. It deserve to be really effective with only 3 lengths the rope. I tie mine ankles together, then v the 2nd rope ns make a cinch noose top top one end and wind the various other end approximately the fishing eye rope in in between my ankles. Finally make a wrist coil just huge enough come barely to the right both hands through. Facility the coil in the noose, put on my belly and also put my hands through behind mine back. Currently tug on the ropes, the cinch noose take away up any slack in the wrist coil. If done best you will need a knife or scissors to cut yourself loose!

JohnnyCentennial ClubPosts: 109Joined: 3 years ago
That"s the basic way. I always add rope to my calves, upper and lower thighs. Additionally gag myself through some tape. If I"m emotion brave I placed the knife top top the other end of the room and squirm end to it

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I emphasis on my gags more than mine bindings in self bondage, just since I"m certain horrendous at tying knots lol. Typically for my foot I"ll either frogtie lock or tie castle together, and also for mine wrists I just tie a scarf tightly around my wrist and fit my various other hand in many of the time. Because that the gag, i go all the end to compensate because that the lack of bindings, therefore I typically go with substantial multilayer gags (like in Jam Orbital"s gag sequences).
If I want to offer myself a tiny bit of motion then I simply put my handcuffs and also leg cuffs on and maybe do a prisoner transport type of thing. However if I want to it is in mummified and also secure than I carry out a dual self-bondage type of thing. Ns will an initial use bed sheets tied about my ankles. I will certainly the. Use tie under straps because that my arms. Finally I will certainly use one more bed sheet tied around a dog collar ns am wearing around my neck. The continuing to be ends that the bed sheets i throw to the opposite next of the bed ns am no rolling to. I then v the remaining ends of the tie down straps come the direction I will roll myself increase in. Currently I make certain the sheets room the means I desire them to it is in on my bed, and get the fitted sheet to cover 90% of mine body. I than need to make sure once I perform my initial wrap the fitted paper is not going come cover mine head. When that is done i put my hands v the last tie under strap and start rolling. After around 3 wraps, that will get really chop if you carry out it right. And also you can always get the end by rojo the the contrary way, yet I do a rule that i can’t uneven it’s the just way.

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