Weekends room a an excellent topic for small talk. Americans may ask you around your weekend plans starting from Thursday – even as at an early stage as Wednesday.

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Maybe you’ve already heard questions like “What room you law this weekend?”, “What carry out you have going ~ above this weekend?”, or “Do you have actually any large plans for the weekend?”,

And when you return to work-related or institution on Monday, what is the most common question you’ll hear?“How was her weekend?”

Weekends are a an excellent subject because that making little talk. Especially if you did something funny over the weekend and want to share.

However, if girlfriend didn’t carry out anything special over the weekend, this question may make you feel choose you don’t have actually anything come say, choose you’re walk to death the conversation.

Don’t problem – i feel you. In this episode, you’ll discover some responses because that when civilization ask, “How was your weekend?” as soon as you actually did something.

In the second fifty percent of the episode, you’ll learn exactly how to respond in a friendly method – without death the conversation – also if you didn’t execute anything at anywhere the weekend.

Let’s go!

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The Upcoming Weekend

When Wednesday roll around, her colleagues might ask, “Do friend have any type of plans this weekend?”, or a comparable question.

A good format is to respond with: 1). What you’re going come do. 2). “Because…”

Your plans might be something from see a movie, going the end of town, or even reading a new book. For example, you could say:

“Yes, i’m gonna go check out the brand-new Star Trek movie….”And then describe the activity with “because…”

“Yes, ns gonna go view the new Star Trek movie because I’m a huge fan.”

Here’s one more example:“Do girlfriend have any type of plans this weekend?”“Yes, ns going to roasted a cake because it’s my best friend’s birthday. She loves chocolate and I thought it’d be a pretty surprise!”

How was her Weekend? (You go stuff!)

It’s Monday morning and you deserve to expect around 5 world at work-related to all ask you: “What walk you execute over the weekend?” or “Did you have a great weekend?” or “How was your weekend?”

It’s okay, you’re emotion pretty an excellent about this concern today due to the fact that you walk stuff over the weekend. Perhaps you go on a trip, walk a wine-tasting, or operated on her English!

Again, it’s ideal to respond v an activity you did end the weekend and something about it.

This can be a factor why friend did the activity or even if it is you appreciated it.

For example,

“How was your weekend?” “It to be good! I saw the brand-new Star Trek movie. Ns dressed up as my favourite character and also everything! but the movie itself wasn’t very good and ns feel asleep. And I nothing think ns was the just one!”


“It to be great! i went shopping through my sister and I picked up a new dress. It fits prefer a glove.” (“Fits choose a glove” is one expression that way fits an extremely well.”)

Or if you want to be a little bit funny:“I took a trip to London Friday evening and had dinner with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Yes, I observed their baby and he’s even cuter in person. They offered to paris me come Pamplona for the to run of the bulls. Unfortunately, I had to decline their invitation since I had already committed to the opera v Ryan Reynolds. Anyway, how was her weekend?”

Honestly, it no really issue what you speak in response. The vital thing is come make an effort to take part in the conversation in English. It reflects that girlfriend “play the game” of tiny talk. This is vital if you want to provide a positive impression of yourself.

How was your weekend? (You did nothing…)

Uh oh, it’s Monday morning and…does it seem choose twice as many civilization are questioning you “How was your weekend?”

Yes, you’re sure at least 10 human being have request you… yet you didn’t execute anything over the weekend. You feel choose a lazy, boring, person.

Don’t issue – she still your charming self! You have the right to still answers in a friendly means even despite you didn’t execute anything end the weekend.

But an initial – here’s a tip: it’s best not to respond with: “I simply stayed home.” “I didn’t do anything” or simply, “Nothing,” and give no additional details. *Awkward silence*

In fact, this is just one of the best mistakes I watch students make when I ask lock “How was her weekend?” They to speak “Oh, i didn’t do anything”, and then prevent talking, so the seems like they don’t want to speak to me!

If you’d choose to connect in friendly small talk, we’ll require a more personable response. The crucial here is to present enthusiasm as soon as making small talk, also if you didn’t do anything special.

Let’s find out some terrific responses so you have the right to respond in a funny way, also if you no have any kind of fun over the weekend.

Me-time and also beauty sleep

Let’s say all you did over the weekend was hang roughly in your pajamas and sleep. What could sound boring to you may sound like a dream to someone else.

“How was your weekend?“It to be good! I stayed home and caught increase on sleep. I’ve to be so busy lately, so the was an excellent to ultimately have some me-time and also get my beauty sleep.”

As friend may have actually guessed, “me-time” is time because that me! Or because that you rather. It’s basically time because that yourself, to rest, relax, and refresh her energy.

“Beauty sleep” means restful sleep that may offer a more youthful appearance. Sounds prefer something precious doing end the weekend, don’t you agree?

I cleaned mine apartment

Maybe girlfriend cleaned every weekend. Well that isn’t nothing – that something!

Again, other human being may great they had that deluxe to have actually the time come clean their home all weekend, rather of letting whatever pile up because they don’t have time to clean..

“How was her weekend?”“It to be okay. I cleaned mine apartment from top to bottom. I’ve to be traveling for work and haven’t had actually time to save it tidy.”

I had actually a strange dream…

Even despite you didn’t execute anything over the weekend, perhaps you had an interesting dream?

You could say, “My weekend to be okay. Ns didn’t execute much, but I had actually a weird dream. I dreamt that i was chimpanzee ~ above a rollercoaster! What around you, execute you remember your dreams?”

Are you seeing a pattern here? small talk doesn’t need to be at sight intelligent or philosophical.

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Friendly conversation have the right to be made around anything – even a strange dream.

And if you’re fear to ask questions since you’re not sure that friend will recognize what her colleague claims in return, be certain to boost your comprehension an abilities for fast-spoken English! 

To recap, if girlfriend feel like you didn’t do anything over the weekend and still want to have a friendly conversation, don’t despair!

As lengthy as you’re enthusiastic and carry out a detail or two, you can still take part in small talk. 

And mental – what may seem boring to you – such as resting or clean – could be a dream come true for your colleague. For this reason feel free to share!