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Users have the right to download sets straight from your device. Optionally, users can additionally email a data set by entering their email address. Also, a copy of this data set can be sent to your email address in Excel (.xls) format. It have the right to then be uploaded to her Google documents account, if you would like to change it because that your personal use.

gWhiz is committed to offering a safe and also engaging educational endure for every user. Us make every initiative to ensure that any kind of private details you carry out us remains just that, private!

Information Collection

First and foremost, us would choose to suggest out that we only collect anonymous details from our users. We carry out not collect any personally i can identify data. In other words, we perform not collection or store information such together your name, address, or phone number.

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A few of ours mobile apps keep account user information which may encompass a username or valid email address. This details is utilized to simplify the login / gameplay procedure and is never ever shared outside of the app or provided for any kind of advertising purposes. We carry out use technologies prefer cookies (small documents stored by her browser), web beacons, or unique device identifiers to anonymously recognize your computer or machine so us can provide a far better experience. Our website systems likewise log info like your browser, operation system and IP address. We carry out not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children under 13. If you believe we have actually inadvertently accumulated such information, please call us at support
chrischona2015.org for this reason we can promptly acquire parental consent or eliminate the information.

Third-Party Interests

Although our complimentary app, gFlash+, has advertising through mobile advertising networks, we carry out not allow advertising carriers to collect data v our company for ad targeting. The is also possible to opt-out the this advertising through an in-app purchase.

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analytics companies, consisting of Google Analytics and Flurry, may accessibility anonymous data (such as your IP deal with or maker ID) to assist us understand how our services are used. They usage this data specifically on our behalf. They do not re-superstructure it other than in accumulation form; no data is common as to any type of individual user.


This privacy plan was last updated in September 2012. Our privacy policy may adjust from time come time. If us make any material transforms to our policies, we will place a prominent an alert on ours website or in ~ our applications. If girlfriend have any questions or concerns around our privacy policies, you re welcome don’t hesitate to contact us in ~ support