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Cathy Viviano native 21770Holy......cow! This song has actually swoonworthy written almost everywhere it LOLEspecially the "like a knight in bright armor indigenous a lengthy time ago, simply in time I"ll save the day take it you to my castle much away" part. OMGJamie King indigenous MassachusettsHas Glory the Love ever before been performed as a duet?Cathy Viviano native UsaOne of the most an effective "love ballads" of the 80s. Kudos come you Peter Cetera :)Love the lyrics, especially the "knight in shining armor native a long time ago, just in time I"ll conserve the day and take girlfriend to mine castle much away". Swoonworthy!Siahara Shyne Carter from joined StatesKarate son Theme SongVideo Link; Shyne Carter from unified States"I am a guy who would certainly fight for your honor, I"ll be the hero you"re dreaming of.""Just favor a knight in bright armor, native a long time ago. Just in time i will save the day, take you to my castle far away."Because that is really hard to uncover a male Who will fight for your honor! I additionally dreamed a Superman kind of Hero lmao all for GLORY the love ;-)I also heared this ~ above Karate son (it deserve to be searched ~ above google) I store playing this on my speaker the beat is for this reason good! His voice is powerfulLisa from HoustonThe job after my brother passed away, mine sister to be listening to the radio and the channel visited static and switched to an additional station play this song. She felt our brother wanted us to gain a message. There are parts of this song that make us think of him and where he is now..."Gonna live forever" "We walk it every for the glory that love" "Take friend to my castle much away", these phrases definitely make united state think of the in heaven. Give thanks to you because that this beautiful tune Peter Cetera.Barry native Sauquoit, NyWas nominated for finest Song in ~ the 1986 Academy Awards Lost come "Take My breath Away" native the movie "Top Gun"!!!Mark from Seattle, WaIn conversation Peter as soon as told me this track was orginally created for among the ROCKY movies yet that producer didn"t want to pay the fee...Cetera walked out and down the hall as soon as approached by producers of Karate boy II who were in need of a tune for the movie...what luck and also what a much better situation too! Nice occupational Cetera!Jimmy Hughes native Frostburg, MdThis was likewise used in an episode of correctly Dear.Michelle native Manchester, NhThis is one of my absolute favorite songs. It"s so romantic and also could only wish to have someone feel this means about me. Ahmed Kakembo native Kampala, Ugandai love peter cetera the wonderful song that was created by him ns think all my life is dedicated to his song wonderful wisdom from GOD but what inspiring is the whether this tune was destined to film displayed in the ahmed kakembosee an ext comments

Kesha"s 2017 monitor "Woman" to be the very first song title "Woman" sung through a woman to with the hot 100. The former "Woman" singles to with the chart were all taped by masculine acts.

Velcro FlyZZ peak

The music video for ZZ Top"s "Velcro Fly" was choreographed through Paula Abdul.

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personal IdahoThe B-52s

The B-52"s picked chose the place of their tune "Private Idaho" because the state had a call for gift wacky and also mysterious. The title to be a pat on the expression "Private Eye."

Me and Julio down By The SchoolyardPaul Simon

Mickey Mantle and John Madden both show up in the video for "Me and Julio under By The Schoolyard" by Paul Simon. Biz Markie and large Daddy Kane do a rap intro.

HeartbeatDon Johnson

Don Johnson, who starred together Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice, had actually a #5 hit in 1986 through "Heartbeat."

IronicAlanis Morissette

The events explained in Alanis Morissette"s tune "Ironic," prefer rain on your wedding day, are not examples of irony. Irony is the usage of words to convey the contrary of your literal meaning.

David Bowie text QuizMusic Quiz

How well carry out you recognize your David Bowie lyrics? take this quiz to find out.

deliberately AtrociousSong writing

A selection of song made to be damaging - some plainly achieved that goal.

Marvin GayeFact or Fiction

Did Marvin shot out through the Detroit Lions? Did the fake stunner to acquire out of military service? and also what about the cross-dressing?

David Paich of TotoSongwriter Interviews

Toto"s keyboard player describes the true definition of "Africa" and talks around working ~ above the Thriller album.

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"Private Eyes" - The Story Behind the SongSong writing

How a goofy detective movie, a disenchanted director and also an unlikely songwriter caused one that the biggest hits in pop history.

kris Robinson of The black CrowesSongwriter Interviews

"Great songwriters don"t necessarily have hit songs," states Chris. He"s composed a bunch, yet his pan are more interested in the elaborate jams.