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Eddie Rabbitt Smash celebrates 40th Anniversary on Nov. 8Barnett Performs on grand Ole Opry Saturday

NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville Sound chanteuse Mandy Barnett premiered her sweetly nostalgic music video for “I Love A rainy Night” today on WSM’s “Coffee, country & Cody.” The video features a cameo from her brand-new Pomeranian puppy, Boots. Watch it HERE.

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“What funny to incorporate my priceless baby young Boots in the video! he’s a herbal showoff and loves music, so having him onscreen to be a no brainer,” stated Barnett. “He to be trotting around during the shoot, playing v director Erika rock while she was filming, for this reason I had to periodically choose him up and sing to him just to acquire him to leave her alone! Erika recorded those moments.”

The track is featured on A Nashville Songbook, Barnett’s debut album for brand Melody Place, dispersed by BMG. The album, which is a collection of pop and country standards that solidified Music City’s reputation as a creative hub for famous music, is accessible now. Listen HERE.

Barnett bring away a breezy strategy to the song, consisting of the signature hand claps and also finger snaps. The song was recorded by Eddie Rabbitt and exit on Nov. 8, 1980. It was a No. 1 document on the Billboard Hot country Singles, hot 100, and Adult modern Singles charts. Written through Rabbitt, even Stevens, and also David Malloy, the tune unseated Dolly Parton’s “9 come 5” for the top spot top top the warm 100 in 1981.

The song and also album, which was motivated by Barnett’s renowned “Nashville Songbook” U.S. And international concert tour, were developed by provided producer Fred Mollin (Jimmy Webb, Johnny Mathis, Kris Kristofferson), chairman of Melody Place.

Barnett will certainly be performing music from A Nashville Songbook Saturday throughout the cool Ole Opry’s anniversary celebration event “95 year of an excellent Opry Songs,” a to mark of country Music Month. Opry mirrors are broadcast live in ~ 8:00 PM/ET (7:00 PM/CT) top top Circle and also Gray TV stations, food Studio Channel 102, Sling TV, and other TV affiliates in enhancement to a companion live present on one All access Facebook, YouTube and also Twitter. The Opry can additionally be heard ~ above 650 WSM-AM, wsmonline.com, and SiriusXM. Visit Opry.com for much more information.

Barnett’s background with the Opry and also its parent company, Ryman Hospitality Properties, is long-standing. She first gained nationwide prominence as the original star of the phase musical “Always…Patsy Cline” in ~ the company’s renowned Ryman Auditorium and has carry out on the Opry thousands of times.

The 13 tracks on A Nashville Songbook were initially recorded by artists as varied as Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Tammy Wynette and also George Jones, Hank Williams, boy George, ann Murray, Brenda Lee, and also Nazareth; and were composed by several of the format’s most essential tunesmiths including Boudleaux Bryant, Harlan Howard, Orbison, Williams, and also Kristofferson.

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The album has been lauded by doubters and taken on by fans: “Barnett’s vocal an abilities are such the she might take an plain song and make that shine, however when she choose ones that space as worthy of her talents together these are, we room talking about something the a completely different order” wrote No Depression. “In regards to tone, delivery, nuance and heart, she is the Judy Garland of our time,” from American Songwriter. “An exquisite singer that reveres the depth of Nashville’s music history, Mandy Barnett has lastly made the album her audience has been wait for,” inherited CMT. “Barnett uses her well-honed artistic instincts no to simply put these songs across, she combines it v her remarkable pipes to cool slam them out of the ballpark,” from Elmore Magazine. And from Music Row, merely “Exquisite.”

For more information, visit mandybarnett.com.For information about Melody Place, visit melodyplacemusic.com.