It is the most romantic time of the year once again, a time to show how lot you love your companion or the special world in your life. Many people opt because that gifts. However, priceless gifts are usually those that are intangible. Words favor “I love you” said with a deep conviction have the right to spin heads. For this reason why not add a tiny twist to her “I love you” this year? to speak those cherished native or even text lock to your loved persons in an afri dialect and see exactly how they respond.Interestingly, few of the dialects space so an easy that girlfriend don’t must be a linguist to find out these magic words. Below are various ways come say “I love you” in miscellaneous African dialects. If your native language is no on ours list, please educate united state using the comment box below.

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Traditional marital relationship in Yoruba land (Photo credit: Musicafricawakemedia)
Two Kikuyu couples (Photo credit: Mukuyu ~ above Pinterest)
Two Hausa couples (Photo credit: WeddingDigestNigeria on Pinterest)
Ewondo wedding legacies (Photo credit:

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The Lingala civilization (Photo credit: ancestorswatching on Tumblr)