I don’t regret loving you, but I regret loving you more than ns loved myself.

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Being in a partnership with you brought about me so much pain… If i hadn’t gotten into a relationship with you, ns wouldn’t have finished up so broken.

However, i don’t regret our relationship. I don’t regret having spent 2 years of my life through a guy who never loved me as lot as i loved him.

Your love to be something I always had to earn, and you offered to say that I needed to deserve it.

It do me work difficult to obtain at least the smallest signs of affection from you, however no matter exactly how much ns tried, that was never ever enough.

I was never great enough for you, and you never ever loved me for that I was.


You wanted me to be who different, and I was all set to offer up on myself and try to become the human being you desire me to be because I love you more than i loved myself.

Your love was constantly something I had actually to hit for, and I was prepared for that yet I was fighting a battle I had currently lost because your love was cold and ignorant.

You never provided yourself completely to me. Even in those rare times when I can feel your love, I never ever felt prefer you were completely mine.

When ns love, I offer my heart and soul. I don’t hold back.

I love you more than i loved myself because it’s the only means I know how, and also I love everything around you.

Even those things about you the were significant red flags were things I loved, due to the fact that I loved you for that you were, with all your flaws.


I made you mine priority, and also I placed your every need over my own. Yet I was never ever your priority.

Loving you more than i loved myself left me crying alone, while friend didn’t treatment enough come wipe those tears away, also though you to be the one who resulted in them.

You would even get angry at me for asking you to.

But i don’t regret choosing you. How might I regret picking you when you were my first love? The very first man who made me feel prefer a woman.

Just looking right into your eye was sufficient to do my love beat like a drum. One look indigenous you, and also I would gain weak in the knees.

It was choose you put a order on me that made me blind to every the bad things about you and our relationship.

Things were regularly really bad, however I didn’t care, as long as you dubbed me yours.


the course, the wasn’t always bad, because, sometimes, you would make me feel prefer I had uncovered the man I’d invest the rest of my life with.

I thought that mine love was solid enough because that both that us, that it was strong enough to make united state happy, to make our connection survive every time and also to make you love me…

I thought that my love was more powerful than her demons. But it wasn’t.

Your native were like knives in mine heart, gradually killing mine confidence. However it to be me who destroyed my pride.

Loving you an ext than i loved myself do me crawl to you and beg for her love, every time after you hurt me.

Every time ns cried end you, much more of my happiness was stolen and soon there was nothing that me left.

I don’t regret giving you my love, i regret providing you every solitary piece of myself.


You shattered me into pieces, and also they were yours to take since I love you more than i loved myself.

I regret giving you my all due to the fact that you never gave me anything in return.

No matter exactly how much i hoped my love would certainly make you love me too, friend left me through nothing.

I assumed that you would change if i loved you enough, but it in reality only changed me. My love for you turned me into something I never ever wanted come be.

No matter just how much ns begged for your love, ns never obtained it, and I know now that you never really love me.

I don’t remorse wasting all the time, yet I regret making myself believe that you love me, even though you gave me nothing but pain.

I don’t remorse loving you, i regret loving you an ext than ns loved myself due to the fact that it do me shed myself and also forget that I was.


All I wanted to carry out was conserve you, but I actually essential to conserve myself indigenous you.

After we broke up, i was devastated, and also I thought my life was over. Ns didn’t think the I’d ever love again because you left me broken, and I thought no one might love a broken woman.

However, ns don’t regret our relationship. It to be my an initial real relationship, and also it made me stronger.

Thanks come you, ns realized that i am strong enough to endure anything and also that mine life wasn’t over as soon as you left. It had actually only just begun.

I learned the no issue how damaged I become, I deserve to put my pieces earlier together and also turn out even far better than ns was.

Most importantly, ns learned to love myself, come love who I am.

Once I stopped trying to end up being the human being you wanted me come be, I found myself again after ~ being lost for such a long time.

I don’t remorse our relationship, yet I don’t regret that it finished either.

The just thing ns regret is that i loved you more than ns loved myself because if ns hadn’t, it would certainly have ended sooner.

I would have left the moment I realized how poor you were for me, and also how little you cared.

You were the biggest mistake of mine life, but I don’t regret making it.

It to be something that essential to happen, and also there’s no allude in crying over spilled milk.

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I am currently ready come love again, with all mine heart, every one of me, just like I love you.

But through one exception. I’ll never ever love anyone an ext than ns love myself, and I won’t allow myself acquire lost in a connection again.

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