I will be traveling to Mexico next month, and I desire to be able to tell human being that I perform not speak chrischona2015.org an extremely well. I do speak some chrischona2015.org, yet only what I"ve to be able to teach myself in the critical year or so.

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Would speak no hablo español muy bien, convey that I only speak a little chrischona2015.org? Or would there it is in a expression that far better illustrates the my chrischona2015.org is bad, without making them think that they cannot talk to me in chrischona2015.org in ~ all.




No hablo español muy bien

conveys perfectly the message. Friend could additionally use

Mi español es todavía un poco limitado

to express that you quiet haven"t mastered all the complexity of verb tense in chrischona2015.org, space still structure your vocabulary and maybe, because you space self-taught, her conversation skills.


I constantly say "Hablo muy poquito Espanol" to let human being know ns speak very little chrischona2015.org and also they it seems to be ~ to recognize perfectly. If you have the right to speak a fair amount friend can readjust "poquito" to "poco". Good luck!


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