Recently I went to Waterloo records in Austin whereby I purchase Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison vinyl. Because that starters if you have never listened to this record it is a must! that was recorded at Folsom jail so you deserve to hear the prisoner’s reaction to Cash’s songs. It is important an exceptional record. ~ above the back of the document was a copy that a letter Cash had written around prison and also his experience in prison.

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This letter peaked my interest as i realized how little I in reality knew around Johnny Cash. I love this letter for plenty of reasons yet mostly because he common his experience in a means that do me see exactly how much he interpreted these men at Folsom Prison. Having been in prison a few times, he voiced his opinion top top the “rehabilitation” that prisoners and also their reemergence’s into a culture that to be to welcome lock with open up arms. V this descriptive letter friend can practically hear the frustration in Cash’s deep base voice. It is a relocating letter and also does its project in exposing some of the flaws the the jail system. Relocating away from his bad boy picture I desire to focus in on my major interest, Johnny and June.

June appears twice in Cash’s At Folsom Prison and also wow execute they make a great team. Indigenous what I have read they had actually a relationship that to be incomparable. It took a couple of times yet when Cash suggest in 1968 at a live performance in London, Ontario June lastly said yes. She to be a great supporting force in his life as she aided him get rid of his drug addiction. She to be completely dedicated to him and he the same. Cash’s letter to her on her date of birth is one because that the records according to Taste of Country, rolling Stones, Huffington Post and more.

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Can you feel his emotion in this letter? His deep unwavering love for June is love stopping and admirable. Even after her death Cash to be completely committed to her. In his critical public appearance he said, “The heart of June Carter overshadows me tonight through the love she had actually for me and the love I have actually for her. We connect somewhere between here and also heaven. She came down for a quick visit, ns guess, from sky to visit with me tonight to offer me courage and inspiration prefer she always has.” You can not tell me that you don’t desire a love choose Johnny and June’s.

Heidi Newfield’s song “Johnny and also June” around sums it up because that me. What about you?