“Thunder” is a track performed through the rock tape Imagine Dragons. The text of the tune basically are about the band (especially the band’s command vocalist Dan Reynolds) and also how the surmounted every the obstacles in his life to achieve his lengthy cherished dreams of coming to be a an international icon in the music industry. In the lyrics, Reynolds mentions cultivation up as a kid and having desires of ending up being a superstar. That goes on to sing around how he was made fun of through his mates that felt his dream of make it large in music market was a joke.

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Speaking v the ras Vegas daily newspaper the Las las vegas Review-Journal, Reynolds shed an ext light on the definition of the lyrics of “Thunder”. Follow to him, the text are about how the obstacles in his life such as a “crappy” school and also being “kicked” the end of college propelled him to attain success in music. That went ~ above to include that this obstacles developed a an excellent deal of rage in him that at some point gave bear to “art”.

In one way or another, this track inspires world to go ahead and accomplish their dreams despite the obstacles that face them.


Facts around “Thunder”

“Thunder” was composed by Dan Reynolds, all his tape mates (Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Daniel Platzman), music producer Alexander grant (best well-known as Alex da Kid) and music producer Jayson DeZuzio.The track was created by Alex da Kid and DeZuzio.“Thunder” to be released ~ above April 27th, 2017 as the 2nd of the four singles from the band’s third studio album titled Evolve.The music video clip of “Thunder”, which to be directed by renowned Italian-American music video clip director Joseph Khan, was filmed in the best city in the united Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai.Contrary to renowned belief, the human being who sings the chorus the the song is not one of Reynold’s young daughters but rather Reynolds himself. Numerous fans presume the chorus to be sung by Reynolds’ 5-year-old daughter arrow Eve Reynolds. In one interview through ABC Radio, Reynolds debunked the rumors around his daughter arrowhead singing the song’s high-pitched chorus. Follow to him, the voice you hear singing “Thunder, feeling the thunder…” is in reality his. To attain that sound, all he did to be pitch increase his voice!On the us Billboard warm 100, the song peaked in ~ number 4 vice versa, on the UK Singles Chart, that peaked at number 20. “Thunder” was Imagine Dragons’ 4th song to do it into the top ten of the Billboard hot 100.“Thunder” was among the greatest hits the 2017. Actually, that was placed at number 9 top top the list of 2017’s best-selling songs in the united States.“Thunder” was ranked together the 84th biggest song of the year 2017 through Billboard.The main remixed version of the song functions American singer and also K. Flay.

Did “Thunder” win a Grammy Award?

No, that didn’t. It to be nominated for a Grammy in ~ the 60th yearly Grammy Awards consciousness in the best Pop Duo/Group performance category but lost to “Feel it Still” by the American band Portugal. The Man. The album (Evolve), on which the track appears, was additionally nominated for a Grammy in the finest Pop Vocal Album category.

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What genre is “Thunder”?

“Thunder” is purely a synth-pop song.