Vertical analysis (also known as common-size analysis) is a popular method of financial statement analysis that mirrors each article on a statement together a percentage of a base number within the statement.

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To command a vertical analysis of balance sheet, the complete of assets and the total of liabilities and stockholders’ equity are usually used together base figures. Every individual heritage (or teams of heritage if condensed kind balance sheet is used) are displayed as a percent of complete assets. The present liabilities, long term debts and equities are displayed as a portion of the total liabilities and also stockholders’ equity.

To command a vertical evaluation of revenue statement, sales figure is normally used as the base and also all other materials of income statement like cost of sales, gun profit, operation expenses, income tax, and also net earnings etc. Are shown as a percentage of sales.

In a vertical evaluation the portion is computed by making use of the complying with formula:

Percentage of basic = (Amount of separation, personal, instance item/Amount of base item) × 100

A an easy vertical analysis needs an individual statement because that a reporting duration but to compare statements may be prepared to boost the usefulness of the analysis.

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An example of the vertical analysis of balance sheet and also income explain is given below:

Comparative balance sheet through vertical analysis:


*Current assets:

2018: (550,000 / 1,139,500) × 100 = 48.3%2017: (530,000 / 1,230,500) × 100 = 43.3%

Comparative revenue statement through vertical analysis:


*Cost of products sold:

2018: (1,043,000/1,498,000) × 100 = 69.6%2017: (820,000/1200,000) × 100 = 68.3%

Vertical evaluation states financial statements in a comparable common-size format (percentage form). Among the advantages of common-size evaluation is the it have the right to be used for inter-company comparison of enterprise with various sizes because all items are expressed together a portion of some usual number. For example, suppose firm A and company B belonging to same industry. A is a little company and B is a big company. Firm A’s sales and also gross profit space $100,000 and also $30,000 dong whereas company B’s sales and gross profit room $1,000,000 and $300,000 respectively. If vertical analysis is conducted and sales figure is provided as base, the would display a pistol profit percent of 30% because that both the providers as shown below:

Company A and also BComparative earnings Statement because that the year ended…….
Company ACompany B
Cost of items sold70,00070%700,00070%