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5 out of 5 stars for In the Year of our Lord: reflections on Twenty centuries of Church history (1 Review)


The story that the church is vital for christians to know, because that it contains rich and uplifting story of God"s dealings through His people. Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson takes the reader on a tourism of Christian history, special stories and songs to give believers a sense of their ar in God"s kingdom and also to encourage them in your walk.

Title: In the Year of ours Lord: reflect on Twenty century of Church HistoryBy: Sinclair B. FergusonFormat: HardcoverNumber that Pages: 229Vendor: reformation Trust PublishingPublication Date: 2018Weight: 1 pound 1 ounceISBN-13: 9781567699708Stock No: WW699708

Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson is a Ligonier Ministries to teach fellow and also Chancellor’s Professor of systematic Theology in ~ Reformed Theological Seminary. He formerly served as an elderly minister the the an initial Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C., and he has actually written numerous books, consisting of The whole Christ, In Christ Alone, committed to God, some Pastors and also Teachers, In the Year of our Lord, and Maturity.

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"Whether you are being presented to a new restaurant or returning to her favorite cuisine, few things space as delightful together a sampler plate prepared by a master chef to offer a taste of miscellaneous delicacies. Together is this book. Sinclair Ferguson, a way teacher the Christian theology and history, has given us a chef’s tourism of the Lord’s sweet mercies across the last 2 thousand years. This is no bland synopsis. Ferguson’s clear recaps of every century are festooned with juicy morsels bring away from classic Christian writings and savory biographical stories. This tiny book will certainly be a blessing to earnest Christians and also a boon to those who would provide future generations through deeper root in our well-off Christian heritage.""As a general rule, I offer this counsel to everyone who will get it: check out anything and also everything by Sinclair Ferguson! This publication is no exception. In the Year of our Lord: reflections on Twenty centuries of Church history walks us through our Christian family members history, in twenty short, easy-to-read chapters, always ultimately emphasizing the good work the Christ in keeping His church. There are tremendous great to increase our discernment and aid our encouragement stored increase in this little book. Read, savor, and also be edified.""There is nothing far better to encourage, humble, and challenge Christians living in the an international South than to read just how the lord Jesus has actually kept His promise to build His church in various other parts of the world since the start of Christianity. Dr. Ferguson’s publication made me weep and also rejoice. This is history told from the perspective of faith in God’s promise. As biblical Christianity grows and expands in the worldwide South, we require to find out from the history of the church just how God maintained His human being in the midst of an excellent suffering, and also especially exactly how He has preserved the true gospel v the ages regardless of so countless errors that have threatened the church. As we confront the dig errors that the neo-Pentecostal motion in Latin America, this publication gives united state hope in the God who has actually preserved His church always and everywhere.""Church history as it should always be written—theologically grounded and pastorally applied. A marvelous read."