Jim's gift for Della (Situational Irony)

Because we only follow Della’s quest to buy Jim a Christmas present, we space shocked to discover that Jim has gifted Della a beautiful, expensive collection of tortoise combs because that Christmas. The shock of the gift-reveal intensifies as soon as Della realizes that she cannot use the combs on her new, brief haircut. Situational irony hence saturates Jim’s gift offering: we carry out not suppose Jim come have currently purchased together a costly present for Della, nor perform we expect Della"s own sacrifice to nullify the usefulness the the gift. The “plot twist” reinforces the reciprocity and also generosity central to Della and Jim’s relationship: both marital relationship partners have deemed Christmas presents as worthy method to externalize their love for each other.

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Jim and Della's shared sacrifice (Situational Irony)

The situational irony the the closing moment of the story deepens once Jim admits that he offered his clock to purchased the combs. This additional abrupt result or “twist” additional defies readers’ and also the couple’s expectations. Both Della and Jim had actually intended your sacrifices to an outcome in the supplying of presents with tangible and also intangible worth: the presents would represent their commitment to and also admiration for each other, while also serving as worthy, helpful accessories to every of their respective prized possessions. Since Della cannot usage combs ~ above her brief hair, and also Jim no longer owns a watch to attach the strap to, no of their presents can be provided for their intended purposes, in order to subverting the couple"s, and the reader"s, expectations. The irony unearths the futility of the couple"s sacrifice: if castle hadn’t given up their respective beloved possessions, their presents would have remained practical and also usable.

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One important aspect in O. Henry"s, The Gift the the Magi, is his use of allusion.... Referrals to popular people, places, events, or imaginative works. When the narrator describes Della"s hair and also Jim"s watch, he alludes come the Bible: "Had the...

Sevaral i in the Story offer subtle clues about jim.Identify at least three passages the reveal aspects of jim's character and exolain their definition

This is only a short-answer an are but i can give you a general comment on Jim. Jim is a love husband. We know this not due to the fact that he provides up a possession he prizes in bespeak to provide his wife something she dearly wants, but since he is so...

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How carry out you think Della changed from the beginning of the story come the end?

I think the Della is in reality a pretty revolution character an interpretation she doesn"t change. Della is the key character in the story, in that she is the one whom we come to know the best. For this reason what execute we really learn about her from such a brief...

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