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With a guided scientific research activity, students can acquire a firsthand watch at how bleach helps remove colored stains from laundry. Are some colors harder to remove than others? placed it come the test!


Grass, mud, spaghetti sauce, grape jelly, mustard... All of these can leave stains on her white clothing that have the right to be daunting to acquire out, and there room all type of various other stains you can end up with in the course of a regular day. Whether you spill something, fall something, autumn in something, or bump into something, your clothing can wind up v visible markers of the day—stains. And stains come in every colors!

How execute you gain stains the end of your clothes? By law the laundry, of course! however what is it around "washing" apparel that makes stains go away?

The scientific research Behind Stain Removal

There is chemistry at hand in the formation of stains and in the procedure of removing them. With this family- or classroom-friendly scientific research activity, kids can learn more about the relationship between the stains we see and also molecules, visible wavelengths that light, chromophores, color, and chemical reactions. When students have actually a much better sense the what provides a stain visible (or colored), they deserve to experiment to check out the strength of bleach in action.

Most family bleach consists of an oxidizing agent, which causes a chemistry reaction. As soon as bleach reacts v a stain molecule, the chemical structure of the stain molecule"s chromophore changes—and the visible stain disappears.

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The Battling Stains v Bleach science activity guides students in a hands-on experiment utilizing tap water, food coloring, and also bleach. In this activity, students observe the reaction that occurs once bleach is included to services containing various colors of food coloring, a clearly shows reaction that simulates what happens when bleach interacts with colored stain molecules in the laundry.

Do all colors that food coloring respond the exact same to bleach? Why or why not? If castle don"t all respond the same, what might you should do to remove some stains contrasted to others? What variables may adjust how well bleach functions to eliminate a stain? can you use bleach with all of the laundry? Why or why not?

Find the end the answers to these and other stained laundry questions with a hands-on science exploration!

Making Connections

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