No. Tim Burton was not involved with Coraline in any kind of capacity. The confusion probably comes in since of The Nightmare before Christmas. Burton come up with the story (although didn"t write the screenplay) and also co-produced it, but TNBC was directed by Henry Selick fairly than Burton.

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Furthermore, that made Coraline?

Neil Gaiman

Secondly, is Coraline a real story? "Coraline," based upon a story by novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman (the 2007 fantasy film "Stardust" is an adaptation of one of his books) is about a girl who looks come be around 11, an just child who has actually moved to a remote boarding house with her freelance writer/editor parents.

People likewise ask, does Tim Burton draw?

Drawing has always been part of Tim Burton"s life. He expresses it as a need and also a method to interact his feelings and ideas. The is component of his everyday life and he always travels v a pencil in his pocket. That draws everywhere, at every time and also on every little thing he it s okay his hand on.

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What age group is Coraline an ideal for?

A film with a PG group is defined by the BBFC as offering "General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable because that young children. Unaccompanied kids of any age may watch. A PG film must not disturb a child aged approximately eight or older.

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What is the name of the cat in Coraline?

The cat acts as a mentor to Coraline and also guides her with her journey. The cat"s name is Sebastion explaining the cats do not require names come tell each various other apart.

What language is Coraline song?


Did Tim Burton create the nightmare before Christmas?

The Nightmare prior to Christmas (also well-known as Tim Burton"s The Nightmare before Christmas) is a 1993 American stop-motion animated music Halloween-Christmas dark fantasy movie directed by Henry Selick, and also produced and also conceived by Tim Burton.

Is Johnny Depp in Coraline?

Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright room Teaming Up for a Live-Action/Animated Neil Gaiman Adaptation. The movie is set to it is in a live-action/animated hybrid. Gaiman"s previously adjusted Coraline was likewise animated and also was the best-received adaptation the his occupational to date.

Is Coraline a youngsters movie?

It is, in no unsure terms, a fear film because that children. Coraline is a young girl who discovers in she drab brand-new home a tunnel leading to a parallel people of brightness and profligacy, whereby her parents space fun-loving rather of the workaholic drudges they are in reality.

Who is the voice of the other mother in Coraline?

Teri Hatcher Coraline

Is Corpse Bride A Claymation?

Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride (also known as Tim Burton"s Corpse Bride) is a 2005 stop-motion animated music fantasy film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton v a screenplay by john August, Caroline Thompson and Pamela Pettler based upon characters developed by Burton and also Carlos Grangel.

What is the story of Coraline?

While experimenting her brand-new home, a girl called Coraline (Dakota Fanning) discovers a an enig door, behind i m sorry lies an alternating world that closely mirrors her own but, in many ways, is better. She rejoices in she discovery, until Other mom (Teri Hatcher) and the rest of she parallel family shot to keep her over there forever. Coraline have to use all her resources and also bravery to make it earlier to her very own family and life.

Who is Tim Burton"s wife?

Lena Gieseke m. 1989–1991

What is Tim Burton famous for?

Director, producer and also screenwriter Tim Burton is known for such movies as "Beetlejuice" and "Edward Scissorhands," which blend themes the fantasy and horror.

What to be Tim Burton affected by?

Christopher Lee Edward Gorey Alan Moore Georges Méliès Paul Whitehouse

Is Edward Scissorhands Disney?

The movie is no Burton"s first movie (that would be Vincent, a stop-motion animated brief produced when Burton was functioning at Walt Disney animation Studios). By the moment Tim Burton command EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, he had already proven himself to be a successful director both critically and also commercially.

Does Helena Bonham Carter have children?

Billy Raymond Burton Nell Burton

Who wrote Edward Scissorhands?

Caroline Thompson
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