One person"s rubbish is another"s treasure, yet taking those prizes from someone else"s trash can be illegal.

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On the night prior to trash day, several pickers drive roughly finding treasures on the next of the road.

If you see someone setting out old appliances or furniture ~ above the curb, you may want come think twice before picking it up without asking.

In Mid-Michigan, part municipalities have laws against garbage pick-up by anyone other than city workers.

For example, in Midland it is illegal to take it recyclables from curbside containers. In the occasion of one emergency, the city can also make the removal of every curbside products illegal once it may impact public safety.

In other cities, such together Saginaw, those exact same rules don’t apply.

“Saginaw walk not need you to have actually a scrapper’s permit. So as lengthy as you are in one area where it’s agree to collection those items than it’s fine,” claimed David Rifkin, president and CEO that Rifkin Scrap Iron and Metal.

Rifkin said the city of Saginaw philosophies trash scavenging differently.

He said other cities may have actually a different allude of view since of how they use recyclables.

“There can be a conflict that they nothing want people to take it the steels that may be in the recycling stream. That helps supplement the income to execute that service,” Rifkin said.

As a result, he advises scavengers to check their city ordinances before picking up who else’s trash.

Rifkin claimed if you are trying come leave her appliances the end on the curb, make certain you placed a sign on them letting people know whether they deserve to take them or not.

“So that somebody doesn’t mistakenly take an object that is still usable. Ideal case is that if it is something that you are going to do, prefer I said, simply put it out in front. Put a authorize on it, cost-free or recycling or whatever,” Rifkin said.


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