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I know numerous dog parental are constantly on the lookout because that flea preventatives because that the house, yard, and also dog.

And due to the fact that Sevin Dust is a highly reliable insecticide, the is no wonder part pet parents might be curious if it would certainly be a an excellent option to use on their dog.

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However, Sevin Dust is not a pet-safe product and also should no be offered to kill fleas on your dog.

Sevin is a advantageous product to save fleas native coming into your home; however, it should only ever be offered outdoors.

Does Sevin Dust death Fleas?


First, placed all children and also pets indoors.

Then, use Sevin Dust by shiver a light layer of dust onto the lawn.

Wait till the dust has resolved before enabling anyone ago into the cure area.

Sevin Dust is most efficient when provided after watering.

Alternative Options

There are several other safer options for death fleas on dogs.

Here room a couple of of my favorite safe and also natural flea remedies.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one effective and fast means to rid your dog that a flea infestation.

Mixing coconut oil through your dog’s favorite shampoo, in ~ a 50%+ ratio, will certainly kill fleas within 24 hours.

To learn an ext about using coconut oil because that eliminating fleas, examine out our short article How to use Coconut Oil on Dogs because that Fleas.


Several plants have the right to be supplied to deter fleas indigenous coming into your garden or home.

Many of these plants room safe to usage both inside and outside of her house.

Some of this plants are great to use to feeding the local wildlife, such together fennel.

Use this plants in ~ the edge of her yard to help keep rabbits and also deer from eating your various other plants as well as ridding them of fleas too.

If the neighborhood wildlife is totally free of fleas, lock won’t move them to your yard.

Other plants to use around the home or garden include:

CitronellaEucalyptusMarigoldsRosemarySageSweet Bay

Essential Oils

Using crucial oils come kill and repel fleas is effective, v the added benefit the making your home and dog odor great.

Some of the an ext common necessary oils used to kill fleas on her dog include cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

Check the end Essential Oils for Fleas: death & defeat Fleas on her Dog for thorough information around using essential oils come treat fleas.


I am constantly looking for methods to save fleas far from home and my pets.

However, i am really cautious around the commodities we usage on or around our dogs.

I carry out not use insecticides or pesticides that space not thought about pet-safe.

I perform my best to use natural flea repellents such together coconut oil, necessary oils, plants, and also commercial commodities like Vet’s ideal Flea and Tick Yard treatment to treat mine yard.

I have actually a girlfriend whose dog came to be extremely ill after they treated your lawn through an insecticide.

Though the garden was dry when their dog go on it, they believe he was still able come ingest enough while clean his paws to end up being ill.

Thankfully, he fully recovered.

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I encourage every dog parental to consider using an ext natural and less toxicity products.

There is an abundance of products obtainable that have proven both reliable in regulating fleas and safe come use roughly dogs.