Janet Jackson has made a name for herself together a widely effective artist who’s developed a new sound for pop music. Despite she’s made waves in the music market with her chart-topping hits and indelible dance move that have been strictly woven right into pop culture, Jackson has additionally taken the fashion sector by storm, rocking some incredibly memorable looks over her prolonged career. 

One of her many iconic looks to date is the vital earring she wore throughout her “Rhythm Nation” era. Despite the look started a tendency that is quiet worn today, it turns out that serving as fashion explain wasn’t the accessory’s only purpose. 


Janet Jackson |The LIFE snapshot Collection via Getty Images

Janet Jackson’s key earring to be iconic

Jackson has given us several moments in the ’80s and also ’90s that offered nothing but fashion realness (Poetic Justice braids anyone?). But one of she looks was pretty distinctive to her. Yeah, we’re talking around that key she wore on she earring. 

The youngest Jackson sibling’s infamous earring made its debut in the so late ’80s around the time her third studio album, Control, was released. 

While promoting the album, attending red carpet events, and performing songs turn off the record, Jackson would certainly wear the unique accessory. Soon, the earring ended up being her fashion staple together she was hardly ever before seen without the one of a sort hoop.

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Jackson even rocked the jewelry item in the music video for she 1989 track “Rhythm Nation,” which has received numerous accolades over the years. By put on the earring along with a black color military-style uniform, countless began concerning Jackson as a fashion icon. 

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Now, the outfit is one of the most mimicked look at in entertain history.

Janet Jackson says she started wearing the vital earring long before it came to be a fashion statement

Though the an essential earring do Jackson a fashion symbol in her own right, it turns out the this wasn’t the reason she started wearing the accessory in the very first place.

During a February 2020 figure on The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jackson shared the story behind the famous key earring the hers.

According to the “Any Time, any kind of Place” singer, she started wearing a vital on she earring once she to be a child since she never carried approximately a keychain. 

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As because that the key’s purpose, Jackson said it unlocked the cages the the many animals her family owned, explaining the she to be responsible because that taking treatment of them as soon as she was young.

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“We had actually so many pets growing up. We had actually fawn, mouflon sheep, peacocks, giraffe, just all type of animals. So, it to be my task to feeding them, to clean the cages,” Jackson said Fallon. “That was my chore. It was a functioning key. For this reason all v school, ns wore hoop earrings and also I would keep the key on my earring.”

Does Janet Jackson still have actually her infamous earring?

Like countless celebrities who hold onto mementos from their careers, Jackson revealed that she still has actually her iconic crucial earring.

Though she no longer rocks the distinct accessory in the general public eye, the singer claims the earring stays in her storage.

Who knows, maybe it’s packed away beside her Poetic Justice outfit and also her controversial Super bowl Halftime show costume? but despite where it resides now, we’re certain the earring is packed away safely. After all, it did make Jackson the fashion icon she’s recognized as today!