Jesus was pertained to St. Man the Baptist v Mary's link to Elizabeth, despite it's uncertain exactly what the meant.

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It’s frequently said that Jesus was St. Man the Baptist’s cousin. Is that true?

According to bible scholar Dr. Edward Sri in his Commentary on the Gospel the Matthew, “The Hebrew language had actually no word because that cousin.”

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This is supported by john Alexander Clapperton in his 19th-century book Pitfalls in scriptures English, examining the Greek word used in the new Testament.

The native “cousin” is offered in different places in Shakespeare, periodically for nephew, periodically for niece; twice for uncle, when for brother-in law, and also three times for grandchildren. In the holy bible it is used in only one i (Luke i. 36 and 58) whereby Elizabeth is dubbed the cousin of our Lord’s mother. It represents a Greek word (suggenes) that had actually the very same vague meaning as our old English word “cousin,” among the same race, a close to relative. The repercussion is that us cannot be certain of the relationship between John the Baptist and our Lord.

An write-up on Catholic Answers an in similar way concludes the “All we have the right to tell from the word suggenes is that Elizabeth to be some type of female family member of Mary’s. However whether she to be an aunt, a cousin, or a much more distant relation can not be identified from the word.”

This is why many holy bible translations stop from using words “cousin,” and also use a an ext vague term.

ehold, Elizabeth, your relative, has also conceived a son in she old age. (Luke 1:36) – NABREehold, your kinswoman Elizabeth in her old period has also conceived a son. (Luke 1:36) – RSVCEehold, your relative Elizabeth in she old period has also conceived a son.(Luke 1:36) – ESV

Jesus and John the Baptist were absolutely related, possibly also cousins, yet the holy bible does not provide us enough evidence to identify how closely they were related.

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