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obituary john Bayard Tweedy Denver company executive and lawyer, 78 john Bayard Tweedy, 78, popular Denver business executive, lawyer and one of the co-founder of the Vail ski resort died on Friday. A memorial company will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. The business will be in ~ Ascension Episcopal Church, eastern Sixth Avenue and also Gilpin Street. Tweedy dropped in love with Colorado after ~ training below in the 1940s v the 10th hill Division, a U.S. Army division that trained near Leadville for organization in the Alps. Tweedy never ever served in Europe during civilization War II, but he was given intelligence cultivate by the U.S. Government and also served in the Burma jungle. He and also friends indigenous the 10th mountain returned to Colorado ~ the war and became the cell nucleus of Vail Associates, which produced Vail. Tweedy, who father was a mining engineer, was born July 31, 1921, in Porto Velo, Ecuador, wherein his dad was working for one American company. When Tweedy to be a young child, his household returned to new Jersey, wherein he attended grade school. The earned his high college diploma at St. Paul"s college in new Hampshire, his college degree at Princeton and his law degree at Columbia legislation School. He married Helen B. Chenery in 1949, and the pair had four children. Tweedy command Meadow Stud Inc., the Chenery family members thoroughbred gyeongju stable. It created the 1972 Kentucky Derby winner, Riva Ridge, and the 1974 Triple Crown winner, Secretariat. The Tweedys divorce in 1973. That practiced law in Denver from 1950 till 1971, during which time he also served as chairman, basic counsel, treasurer and vice president of Vail Associates. In 1971 the left Denver to become an executive v the Oil share Corp., i beg your pardon later ended up being Tosco, and he lived in Los Angeles most of that time. He returned to Denver in 1981 as soon as he retired. In 1980 Tweedy married Marjorie S. Sargent, and also the couple spent summers in ~ the Madison Fork Ranch house they built in West Yellowstone, Mont. Tweedy was a trustee that the Colorado Nature Conservancy, among the organizers that Colorado outward Bound School and a trustee the the Rocky Mountain center for the Environment. He was an avid skier and golfer and also loved to hunt and also fly-fish. Survivors incorporate his wife; two daughters, buy it T. Manning the Englewood and also Katherine T. McGrath that Littleton; 2 sons, Christopher C. That Denver and John B. Jr. That Boulder; a sister, Elizabeth Sykes the Knickerbocker, Texas; 3 stepdaughters, Crispin Sargent the Denver, Dorothy lengthy of Fayetteville, Ark., and also Barbara mei of Littleton; two stepsons, Ralph Sargent III of Denver and W. Frederik Sargent the Littleton; and six grandchildren. Contributions may be made come the Colorado Nature Conservancy or one more charity. Posted 29-Nov-99 Obituaries room written by Denver short article staff members based upon information detailed by mortuaries and/or family members or friends.

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