man Cena can be a trusted guy but don"t obstacle him the wrong way! He loves wrestlers favor Daniel Bryan, but there space others he simply can"t stand.

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Seth Rollins john Cena Batista
man Cena became one that the ideal wrestlers ever, which led the to do very great friends, however it additionally led him come have particular problems with some partners.

despite the fact that man Cena came to be the main figure of WWE because that a lengthy time, there space some wrestlers that say the he is nothing more than a selfish that does no think about the success the the firm but the himself. Maybe this is true or possibly they simply say it out of envy.

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However, over there are various other wrestlers who say the Cena is a great person and, there is no him, castle wouldn’t have been maybe to continue to be at the highest level the wrestling.

Updated on September 25th, 2021, through Akshay Thimmaya: John Cena is an extremely much towards the finish of his career, and the former Franchise Player has made a strong impression top top the industry, and also on audiences. As a younger star, that butted heads with other wrestlers who felt that was maybe undeserving that his spot. However he found companionship in the promotion, creating close relationships with other stars seek to create themselves in and also around the key event. Throughout this run, he had his fair share that romance as well, part fulfilling, part scorned, before eventually transforming into a mentor for younger and also upcoming stars that sought to to fill his boots when he stepped away. So it's understandable that there are details wrestlers john Cena's friend with, while there are others he can't stand.


John Cena and also Chris Jericho on a speak show
chris Jericho has long been concerned for having actually one that the greatest minds in the business, expertise the demands of the industry and also evolving through the times. Means back as soon as John Cena to be still far from the finished product together The Prototype, number of reports said that Jericho saw substantial potential in the young star.

That at some point prompted WWE officials to give him a long, tough look and also the rest as lock say, is history. Both men share a good deal of shared respect for one one more even today.

14 Can't Stand: kris Masters

Chris Masters master Lock on man Cena

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Cesaro crossface on john Cena
Cesaro has actually long been one of WWE's many underappreciated stars. Arguably among the many entertaining in-ring performers in the world, the Swiss Cyborg has uncovered main event methods extremely tough to come by. He had a cheerleader backstage in the kind of Cena though.

In one interview v WWE's The Bump, Cesaro spoke around how Cena constantly gave him an excellent advice backstage and seemed to be pulling for him. That is no coincidence that some of Cena's finest matches as the United claims Champion came versus Cesaro ~ above Raw.