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"Please come to Boston" is a song that was recorded and also written by American singer-songwriter Dave Loggins. It was released in April 1974 together the an initial single from his album Apprentice (In a music Workshop) and also was produced by Jerry Crutchfield. It spent two weeks at number 5 on the Billboard hot 100 graph in august 1974; it spent one main atop the Billboard basic Listening chart. It was nominated for a Grammy compensation in the category best Male pop Vocal performance. The three verses the the song are every a plea from the narrator come a mrs whom he wishes will sign up with him in, respectively, Boston, Denver, and also Los Angeles, v each city concluding: "She stated "No - boy would you come house to me""; the woman"s sentiment is elaborated ~ above in the chorus which concludes v the line: "I"m the number one fan of the male from Tennessee. " Tennessee is the home state that Dave Loggins, who has said that "Please involved Boston" - "The story is practically true, except there wasn"t anyone wait so i made her up. In effect, making the longing for stronger. It to be a recap to my very first trip to every of those cities... how I observed each one. The reality of having actually no one to come home to make the chorus straightforward to write. Part forty year later, ns still vividly remember the night , and it was as if someone rather was composing the song."more »

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Please concerned Boston for the SpringtimeI"m stayin" right here with part friends and also they"ve obtained lots the roomYou can sell your paints on the sidewalkBy a café wherein I hope to it is in workin" soonPlease concerned BostonShe said "No, would you come home to me?"And she said, "Hey ramblin" boy now won"t cha settle down?""Boston ain"t her kinda town""There ain"t no gold and there ain"t nobody prefer me""I"m the number one fan of the guy from Tennessee"Please involved Denver v the snowfallWe"ll relocate up right into the mountains so much that we can"t it is in foundAnd litter "I love you" echoes down the canyonAnd climate lie awake at night till castle come earlier aroundPlease involved DenverShe said "No, boy, would certainly you come home to me?"And she said, "Hey ramblin" young why don"t cha resolve down?""Denver ain"t her kinda town""There ain"t no gold and also there ain"t nobody favor me"""Cause I"m the number one pan of the man from Tennessee"Now this drifter"s world goes "round and "roundAnd i doubt the it"s ever before gonna stopBut of all the dreams I"ve lost or foundAnd all that i ain"t gotI still have to lean toSomebody I can sing toPlease involved LA come live foreverCalifornia life alone is just too tough to buildI live in a residence that looks the end over the oceanAnd there"s part stars that fell from the skyLivin" increase on the hillPlease pertained to LAShe just said "No, boy, won"t friend come residence to me?"And she said, "Hey ramblin" boy why don"t cha settle down?""LA can"t be your kinda town""There ain"t no gold and also there ain"t nobody favor me""No, no, I"m the number one pan of the man from Tennessee""I"m the number one pan of the man from Tennessee"

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Dave Loggins David Allen "Dave" Loggins (born November 10, 1947 in mountain City, Tennessee) is a singer, songwriter and musician. That is commonly remembered for his 1974 composition "Please concerned Boston", which was a top-10 fight in the U.S. Because that him, and was subsequently covered by many other artists. He was inducted right into the Nashville Songwriters hall of reputation in 1995. As well as being a musician, Loggins was previously employed together a draftsman at Bristol Metals, and also as an insurance allowance salesman.

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The is a cousin that singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins. Much more »