Kai Moraeis one American star model and actress who rose to importance after her appearance on the 2010 collection The real McCoy. A talented 31-years old gorgeous lady who is one of the richest and successful models that America has held a decent place in she fans’ hearts.

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Although Kai has actually a different fan base and also career portfolio that specifies her character and fame, she is popularly recognized as LisaRaye McCoy’s daughter. Her mommy is likewise a famous model and also actress who genes have the right to be seen in Kai Morae nowadays.

Quick Facts
NameKai Morae
BirthDecember 5, 1989
Age31 Years
ProfessionModel, Actress
ParentsLisaRaye McCoy and also Kenji Pace
Net Worth$1.5-$5.5 Million
In a partnership withJoe
Kai Morae, 2021

Early Age

Kai Morae was birthed on December 5, 1989, in the United states of America. She has actually all grown up in ideal care and also a loving environment. She mother’s name is LisaRaye McCoy, a high-profile actress, and model in America, whereas she father is Kenji Pace, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Kai’s childhood days to be so much fun, comfortable and luxurious because of she mother’s fortune. However, she did not share any type of information around her education background, but she is a solitary child that LisaRaye. Furthermore, Kai stop an American nationality and belongs come American-African country descent.


LisaRaye’s beautiful daughter,Kai Morae, own the exact modeling and acting genes since her childhood. She likewise featured on she mother’s truth TV collection “LisaRaye McCoy: The real McCoy” in 2010. The collection has all about Lisa Raye’s personal and career life.

Similarly, in 2011, Kai additionally found she niche in modeling and acting, more supported by her mother. She started her career as a design in UK’s biggest plus-size clothes retailer and also became the main challenge of the brand.

Furthermore, Kai has actually been introduced as a UK brand because that modeling and also being the fresh challenge to their venture. Her mother has praised she success and balancing ability in both TV series and modeling, and also Kai likewise opened up about herself in regards to she modeling passion. She stated that “For me, I more feel like no an ext to see. I have actually stood ~ above the red carpet, I’ve been on trailers, and that’s not my passion. It is modeling, for me.”

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Personal Life

The star design is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend namedJoe. Although there is only a tiny information available about her boyfriend and her relationship, they are not married yet and also continued their Live-in relationship.

Similarly, in 2016, Kai Morae has actually announced her pregnant on she Instagram account and gave birth to a beautiful daughter called Bella Rae. As well as that, Kai is an extremely close to her mother, as a result, she has actually uploaded a beautiful snapshot of her through her mom LisaRaye, grandmother, and her daughter Bella on the occasion of Mother’s day.

Kai Morae with mother LisaRaye, Grandmother and also daughter Bella

Social Media

Kai Morae is a fashion model and also TV actress who has gathered plenty of fans complying with her society Media Platforms. Top top Facebook with the name

Net Worth

Kai Morae’s career is growing significantly as a model. She featured in the plenty of UK-based plus-size modeling magazines and also advertisements. Being a successful model, her network Worth has lies between $1.5 Million- $5 Million as of 2021.

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kai Morae daughter of LisaRaye McCoy

Physical Appearance

Kai Morae is 31 year old gorgeous plus-size model. She stands in ~ 5 feet 5 inches of high height and also weighs roughly 70 Kilograms. She has obtained a beautiful pair of black colored eyes and also dark brown colored Curly hair. However, her various other body stats quiet under review, yet we will update here really soon.