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I have absolutely *no* idea just how to complete this v 1000 points in Twilight Town. Also, who carry out I talk to come play the SB Workshop Rave in Halloween/Christmas Town?
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er . SB Street Rave is fairly easy when you understand what to do =) fine you acquire 5 make the efforts , right ? for this reason that means you only require 200 points every time . Currently go increase a HIIIIGH ar . As high together you deserve to without jumping ("cause a jump counts as a turn) . And then grind or run , and do as numerous tricks together you deserve to . Hope you would"ve gotten an ext than 200 points . Store doing the same thing over and over and you"ll be done in no time `

In Twilight town you talk to the lady that you deliver letters for. In harbor Royale you speak to will certainly at the Rampart.
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Here"s what ns did to gain over 1000 point out in Twilight Town:You begin by the stairs, right? So, just skate up to the rail, push triangle come grind, and grind till you acquire to the bridge/overhang thinger. Then you jump, and also do as plenty of tricks as you have the right to (generally two prior to you land, sometimes three), and then go back and execute it every again. And you"re not timed, therefore after you land, you can just rotate around, walk back, and do it everywhere again.

To "Finish with 1,000 or an ext points" in the SB Street Rave because that Twilight Town:1). Walk to "Market Street: terminal Heights" that Twilight Town and also speak to the , post by (keyblade_creator)., post by (simplicity1love).2). , post by (Darkened Heart).3). Together you"re in the wait jumping, just press, repeatedly, the square switch for the "Method Grab" trick. This trick have the right to be done 3 or 4 times in the air prior to hitting the ground; offering you more than enough, (over 200 points), each try.

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They have a faq appropriate up there in the sticky threads. The 100% completion Guide. Now, many of the videos don"t occupational anymore, but the ones because that the SB raves do. They aided me substantially with my problems... Except the Hades paradox cup... However other 보다 that, it"ll assist you.