Late critical week, the secret ending to be patched into Kingdom hearts 3, complicating the series' future. Here's what it could mean.

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Kingdom understanding has always had an enig endings. In the first, we got our very first taste that the organization XIII and Sora"s nobody Roxas, prior to they would involved dominate whatever onward. In Kingdom hearts 2, we learned that regardless of the heartwarming finality the its ending that there to be still more adventuring left for Sora, Riku, and Kairi. (Maybe much less so for that last character; bad Kairi, she deserves better.) currently Kingdom understanding 3, hyped approximately be the finale the the Xehanort saga, has its own secret ending too.

Spoiler Warning: everything ahead in this write-up contains spoiler for Kingdom mind 3, that is epilogue, and its secret ending. You"ve to be warned!


It"s an ending so mystery that it was patched in 2 days after the game launched, as to avoid "spoilers." For many players, lock won"t need to really wait until they view it. For folks favor me who had actually beat the game the week before release thanks to a review crunch, the wait because that the epilogue and secret movie (each patched in separately) was agonizing.

The finish that we"ve all watched by currently is possibly the messiest finishing Kingdom hearts has ever had. Sora took on a pursuit to conserve Kairi native the unknown, and also we presumably watched him turn right into mist at the finish of Kingdom mind 3. The last moment pointed to a sad truth: Sora sacrificed self to bring Kairi ago from the dead. Yet in the new an enig ending, we see Sora"s alive and also sorta-well, waking up on a dimly-lit street. He looks up and finds something shocking. It"s a real-world city—Shibuya, Tokyo, to be exact. Elsewhere, we check out Riku"s in Tokyo too, gazing up at the Tokyo Metropolitan federal government Building.

Excuse me? we then check out Yozora, the faux-video game character from the Toy Story civilization that Rex and also the various other toys mistook Sora together being from. (Sora went together with it, however as that noticed towards the finish of the world, Yozora in reality looked a lot an ext like Riku—gray hair, gingham print accents top top his outfit and also all.) So, currently we know that Yozora isn"t just a one-off goof, but a real-deal character of part significance.

From there, an organization XIII cloak (in every likelihood, the grasp of Masters, a prophetic Keyblade grasp who disappeared end a hundred years ago) provides a heart through their hands and holds it as much as the moon. The signifies one point only: currently this person"s after ~ Kingdom mind (which bring away the form of a heart-shaped moon in the sky) too, maybe as with Xehanort was.

This shocking ending has sent up increase a tidal wave of potential brand-new directions, of fan theories, of people wondering "what the heck just happened?" So below are the greatest theories appropriate now. Or in ~ least, these room the ones i scribbled under in mine notebook after my mind surged with confusion.

It"s a Square human being After All

One the the most memorable structures in the Shibuya Scramble skyline is the of a room store: 109. In 109, you"ll uncover dozens of acquainted brands and fresh boutiques. It"s a shopping paradise. In the Kingdom mind 3 an enig ending, it"s among the an initial things Sora lays his eyes on, just with a crucial difference. The number"s different, it"s 104.

can The people Ends with You it is in venturing past 2D? | Square Enix

Weirdly enough, this theory actually makes somd sense, considering Sora is watch "dead" through the end of Kingdom mind 3. Together The human being Ends through You follows a bunch of teens battling for their lives in an alternate aircraft of existence—their last opportunity to possibly live onward, or else they"ll dice for real—Sora could an extremely well have likewise found self in this game. He would be reunited with friends he made in Dream Drop street too, as the main actors all show up in the 3DS title. Also just last year through the switch remaster of The people Ends v You, a brand brand-new epilogue episode seemed to hints at much more The world Ends with You for the future. Can this it is in its future?

A The civilization Ends v You world also brings around potential over Square Enix-themed worlds in one more Kingdom understanding game. Midgar of final Fantasy 7 would be an obvious one, but would it undertaking even further exterior of last Fantasy as it has in the past with The civilization Ends with You? Dragon Quest and even strictly published outings choose Nier bear potential for astounding open worlds. In the secret movie, part fans also picked up on the music towards the end having a comparable melody to final Fantasy 15"s "Somnus." might Sora and also Riku it is in hanging out with Noctis ~ all, adhering to the conspicuous absence of final Fantasy personalities throughout Kingdom understanding 3?

There"s a lot of of an enig with the an enig Ending, and also a healthy amount of it appears to it is in pointing at a Kingdom hearts entry possibly shedding the pristine Disney image. It"d it is in a nice adjust of pace, and I"d be excited to watch what properties Square Enix would tap for the project. Presumably, it wouldn"t be licensing hell prefer Nomura skilled with Kingdom mind 3—I"m guessing that"s why we had actually to sit v the whole of "Let that Go," for instance.

Versus 13 lives On in Verum Rex World?

When we first zipped right into Toy Box, the Toy Story-themed civilization in Kingdom hearts 3, us were met through a shocking trailer the made me wonder if i hit a switch on accident. In the trailer, we experienced a bunch of slickly-styled, less PS2-looking character models hacking and slashing around in what looked favor a cinematic that could rival any kind of triple-A game on the huge stage in ~ E3. In ~ the finish of the trailer, us learned the this to be a commercial for a faux video game referred to as Verum Rex, and what we"d just seen was just fancy advertisement top top TV. In the back of my mind, I assumed it was almost foolish for such a ide to be let come fester as a rapid gag.

And oh, just how I was right. Partially since of that is hero Yozora"s appearance in the secret ending, but likewise because of exactly how hyper-realistic the world was, much like what you"d watch in last Fantasy 15 or last Fantasy 13. Offered the commercial because that Verum Rex looks prefer it takes ar in Tokyo, ideas seem to suggest at this brand-new world in reality being a world for the game. Therefore in this video clip game there"s a game people inside a video game world, if you"re tho following. Yeesh!

The mysterious final Fantasy 15 music appearing amidst a shuffle the Kingdom hearts melodies lead me to an additional realization the I nearly forgot about. In ~ one allude in time, poor Tetsuya Nomura was stretched thin in between Kingdom Hearts and also Final Fantasy versus 13, which later on was revealed as last Fantasy 15. (If girlfriend don"t remember that E3, both to be officially unveiled earlier to back for the an initial time—though the latter"s re-reveal came seven years after its early stage tease.) matches 13 to be once set to be a component of the Fabula Nova Crystallis last Fantasy series, a gigantic universe built roughly the civilization established in final Fantasy 13. Eventually, Hajime Tabata replaced Nomura together director, and also it shifted right into being a mainline last Fantasy video game with only tiny bits that mythos tying it to the original idea.

Is it possible then that v the last Fantasy thread seemingly returning—albeit subtly—to Kingdom Hearts that Nomura will enact what he originally wanted to do with matches 13 end a decade ago? It"s possible; the 2 clips even share the same color palette and bad young vibe. Yozora even looks choose he might be the 5th member the Noctis" boy band of noir-clad bros.

Riku, what a pal. | Square Enix

A Riku-Led Rescue Op

After Riku captures a glimpse that Sora prior to he evaporates in the finish cutscene that Kingdom understanding 3, my guess is he embarks on a rescue mission to conserve his ideal pal. His quest leads him to real-world Shibuya. (Or The people Ends with You world, or Verum Rex world—whichever idea you select to believe.)

Initially, the separation perspectives of the cutscene—of Sora and also Riku in the exact same world, however in different places—reminded me of the Nintendo 3DS offshoot Dream fall Distance, inside Sora and also Riku were both the key playable characters. In Dream autumn Distance, girlfriend bounced in between Sora and Riku as they take it their note of Mastery test to end up being real Keyblade Masters. Shit walk awry, and also only Riku finished up passing.

Wherever Kingdom Hearts walk next, ns wouldn"t it is in surprised to view something playing with multiple perspectives again. Kingdom Hearts has actually done the multiple time throughout the series, namely v Dream autumn Distance and also Birth through Sleep. Riku ~ above a trip to save Sora once and also for all, and Sora maybe uncovering some brand-new unsavory villainy seems the many plausible because that a post-Kingdom mind 3 collection sequel.

So, versus what some may have thought, Kingdom hearts 3 is by no method the finish of the series. Xehanort might be gone, but there"s always evil pressures afoot. To add in the epilogue ending, organization member Xigbar is low-key revealed to be one more sort of big bad for the series, revealing himself to be ancient keyblade master Luxu, last seen in Kingdom hearts χ after instigating the an excellent Keyblade War.

Kingdom hearts 3 has currently sold 5 million copies global in just a week. So that knows, maybe we"re in for an ext post-Kingdom understanding 2-like mayhem with a lot of offshoots. Or perhaps we"ll need to wait an additional 14 years for Kingdom understanding 4, as we did in between Kingdom mind 2 and also 3. Regardless, the future is glowing (or dark, depending on how friend look at it) because that our favourite spiky haired heroes. And also this certainly isn"t the critical we"ve seen of Sora and company.

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