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This page contains Kirby supervisor Star Ultra cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Currently we have actually 17 cheats in our list, which consists of 4 cheat codes, 3 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 6 secrets. We hope info that you"ll discover at this page help you in play Kirby super Star Ultra ~ above Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t find needed cheats put request or ask question around this at special ar of the game. Likewise you have the right to subscribe ~ above all new cheats the we"ll uncover for you in the future!

when your play the spring breeze, ~ above the last level to be you struggle king DDD, go to the far edge that the arena (left) youll check out mario, peach, and also a few toads. Now go come the right and youll watch luigi, wario, and also a few more toads!!!

I made decision to article a overview for which Helpers have actually which Abilities.In bunches the 9.More to come soon.Enjoy!

Unlockable:How come unlock:HammerBonkersBeamWaddle DooStoneRockyFighterKnuckle JoeMirrorSimirrorJetCapsule J2SwordBlade KnightParasolParasol Waddle DeeCutterSir Kibble

when you adjust into a kind of stone with stone Kirby the this Gold picture of the Hal Labatory logo its yes, really rare to change into. You have a 10% opportunity of transforming right into it. The true because I tried prior to its not by ar its simply a easter egg that you might discover. Ns did it when I was dealing with Heavy Lobster. If girlfriend don"t think me shot it because that yourself. Great Luck!

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Kirby supervisor Star Ultra Unlockable: MinigamesTo unlock the minigames provided below, satisfy the corresponding requirement listed.

Unlockable:How come unlock:Dyna BladeComplete spring BreezeGourmet RaceComplete spring BreezeHelper come A HeroComplete The ArenaMegaton PunchComplete The ArenaMeta Knightmare UltraComplete Revenge that the KingMilky means WishesComplete Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, Revenge that Metaknight, feather Breeze and The good Cave OffensiveRevenge that MetaknightComplete Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, spring Breeze and The an excellent Cave OffensiveRevenge the the KingComplete Milky way WishesSamurai KirbyComplete Meta Knightmare UltraThe ArenaComplete Milky method WishesThe an excellent Cave OffensiveComplete spring BreezeThe True ArenaComplete Helper to Hero, Meta Knightmare Ultra, Revenge that the King, and also The Arena