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Buying and selling vintage Kodak cameras is less complicated if you understand the models and also the factors that affect value. Countless of this old cameras room still usable today, and also a rebirth of attention in movie photography is driving need for vintage Kodaks in great shape. If you"re considering buying one or have actually an old Kodak from your grandparents, take a moment to learn about it and its value.

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remarkable Kodak Camera Models

since its start in 1887, Kodak has actually made thousands of models the cameras. It all started because Kodak founder George Eastman operated to find ways to do photography much easier and an ext accessible to people. Eastman began by inventing a an equipment to quickly coat glass plates through photo-sensitive emulsion, but he didn"t stop there. The glass plates were heavy and awkward come carry, and Eastman wanted to develop something even easier. In 1884, that patented the first commercial role film. Eastman and the Kodak company went on to present a variety of various film sizes and also cameras to shoot them.

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Kodak #1: The an initial Kodak Camera

In 1888, Kodak introduced the Kodak #1. Advertised to the public with the slogan, "You push the button, we carry out the rest," sales the this camera to be aimed in ~ amateur photographers of the day. In ~ a expense of $25, the camera was sold loaded with film to take 100 exposures. Once the film was finished, the customer would certainly mail the camera earlier to the company. For a price of $10, the camera was reloaded, which required to be excellent in a darkroom, and returned come the customer together with the 2 ½-inch prints the the pictures it had actually taken. Although the price at the time was not inexpensive, the camera became an extremely popular because people go not have to bother v the technical processes and chemicals involved in arising their pictures. This cameras almost never come up for sale top top the chrischona2015.org market, since few of castle survive.

The Kodak Brownie Camera

presented in 1900 the Brownie camera is probably the most well known of the Kodak cameras. Through a sales price of just one dollar, the an initial Brownie cameras made photography easily accessible to the masses. End the years, the Brownie has actually been produced in both box and folding styles. Crate cameras are merely a box, similar to a pinhole camera, however with a lens, if folding Brownies have a clasp that permits the lens part to fold out from the human body on a bellows. Both are simple to find in antique stores and online. Brownie cameras take different film sizes, and also some space still usable today. Beforehand models have the right to be very valuable if they room in good condition.


Kodak big Format Camera: 2-D

Kodak didn"t border itself to roll film cameras. It likewise produced big format cameras that offered sheet film. One notable model was the Eastman Kodak 2-D, which to be made the wood. These come in a variety of sizes, including 5x7, 6.5x8.5, 7x11, and 8x10. Girlfriend can discover these huge format Kodak cameras in neck stores and online, and many space valuable.

detect Vintage Kodak Camera Values

If you have a vintage Kodak camera or space considering purchasing one, over there are numerous things come consider. Take it a couple of moments to look at the following.

version Number

There room hundreds of different vintage Kodak camera models, however it"s easy to identify which model you have. Many Kodak cameras have the version number published right ~ above them. If friend can"t uncover identifying details written top top the camera, this tool deserve to help. All points being equal, older models are an ext valuable.

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No issue what model you have, it will certainly be more valuable if the is in an excellent condition. This way cosmetic condition, such as leatherette that isn"t peeling and also metal parts that aren"t dirty or rusty. However, it also means functional condition. Back some world like decorating with chrischona2015.org favor cameras, the most valuable Kodak cameras still occupational as cameras and not just screen pieces. These are a few things to check:

In a urgent camera, look in ~ the problem of the bellows. They must not have holes or cracks. shot opening the movie door. Go it open up easily and close securely? walk the shutter work? try firing a shot. If it has actually a lens, is the lens in great shape? try shining a light through the lens to see if it has actually a most scratches, cloudy areas, or various other flaws.

film Type

Originally, there to be dozens of various film sizes, and Kodak made cameras come accommodate castle all. However, today, there are just a few sizes of movie that room still made. The most basic to discover are 35mm, 120, 4x5, 5x7, and also 8x10. If a Kodak camera model uses film the still exists today, it might be worth more. Camera Wiki has comprehensive list that Kodak models and also their linked film sizes. Here are a few you could encounter the use contemporary film and would be an important to photographers and also collectors:

Kodak 35 - 35mm film Kodak #2 Hawkette Folder - 120 film Kodak Brownie junior 120 - 120 film Kodak Masterview Camera - 4x5 and 8x10 movie Eastman Kodak view Camera 2-D - 5x7 and 8x10 movie

marketed Prices that Vintage Kodak Cameras

among the best ways to discover out just how much your vintage Kodak is precious is to examine recently offered listings. Here are few vintage Kodaks and also their sales prices:

Beautiful examples of the background of Photography

whether you gain collecting cameras, learning around the background of photography, or simply enjoy looking in ~ cameras from the past, vintage Kodak cameras room beautiful examples of the evolution of photographic technology. Countless of this cameras are easily accessible at antique stores, thrift stores, and online. Discovering what to look for can help you clues a camera that will certainly look gorgeous, duty well, and also be valuable.

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