The rear axles only want to walk halfway ago into the transmission. It need to be some alignment issue. I am stumped. I have actually taken my sweet time putting this machine back with each other so probably I am forget something. I have actually the brand-new axles all prepared to go within the bumper housing and getting it into place is quite challenging in itself. I also tried the old axle and also it won"t go in either. I require a beer.

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if it is out of kilter ( the plates within the infection , it will act choose that. The is kind of choose a mix on a safe. In neutral, turn the new axle slowly ago and forth as you press the axle right into the transmission. It will certainly go in a tad , move ago and forth and push again and again. It will certainly gradually acquire in . Just take her time.. Go you note the spline once you took it out? My note came off and I did this procedure and also all turned out ok .. Collie
collie have you done the behind axles ~ above your present RTV yet? i am curious regarding the differences between your old unit and also the one you have now?

if the is the end of kilter ( the plates inside the transmission , it will certainly act favor that. The is kind of favor a combination on a safe. In neutral, rotate the new axle slowly ago and forth as you press the axle right into the transmission. It will certainly go in a tad , move earlier and forth and push again and also again. It will gradually gain in . Simply take your time.. Did you mark the spline when you take it it out? My mark came off and also I walk this procedure and also all turned out ok .. Collie

Thank friend Orange Buggy. The an initial time this exact same thing taken place to me, I acquired a big lump in mine throat and also said a prayer It to be answered too as soon as that idea of advertise and transforming popped in my head. Aurthuritis, i haven"t excellent the 2011 RTV 900 xt yet.. The parts haven"t come in and our huge bull sale is this Saturday in ~ our barn. I can"t start on that till after that anyways. Additionally need to go to Ark and work on the place. . I need 2 of me right now-maybe 3 naaaw .. They would kill every other and then me . collie
Thanks because that the advice. After a 15 minute break i went and dipped the behind axles in the supervisor UDT fluid(not sure if this actually helped) and also was able come "jiggle" them into place right into the transmission. The "it"s like a safe" analogy was spot on.Now my problem has changed. One axle goes in perfect...the various other seems to be also big. The goes in it rotates just prior to the bearing. It"s no out of line favor before...Its actually too big. I offered it a tap and also a hit v the hammer and had to stop. Barely gained it back out. Had to whack it difficult to remove it from trans.I purchase bran new rear axles native super atv for 199 each. (My others were beyone fix from one end to the next). Currently I am pertained to I have damaged an axle and needing to gain another. Thats money under the drain. Possibly I should shot to paper it down...I don"t know. I guess if at sight atv won"t take it it ago I will have to shot to rescue it. What ns should have actually asked yesterday is this
: once reinstalling the behind axles. Do I placed the inner and outers earlier together(Outers in the bumper housing) first. Or carry out I put the inners back in the transmission first...then slider the outers on while they room in the bumper housing. Ns hope this renders sense.

I an installed my inners come the infection first. (I provided the RTV sealant between them and the transmission) This gaining them with each other is what bring away the time especially if you space doing the alone.look within the outer component and line up the splines and be all set to improvise so girlfriend can obtain one started and also the other. I used all kinds of ingredient to assist me. My knees, 2x4s as props etc.. Yet I gained it by myself other than for assist from Above. If friend don"t have the within sealant used on the inner the fits, yet, can you obtain it out and compare the 2? or shot it top top the other difficulty side? just a thought. Great Luck, collie
On mine it take it equally tightening up the bolts to attract it in.They are a chop fit and it need to slip in when tightening the bolts.You may be a little nervious doing things now and also i i do not know blame ya.If worse concerns worse remove the 1 you have actually installed currently and swap castle around and also see what happens.THe people on the trans must go in forst before the external axel.This way its simpler to heat things back up and not mess up any of the teeth.Im not certain if your brand-new axles came asselbled as in boots strapped top top or not.If so that is a goofy style as you really have to seperate them to install the behind bumper.You can likewise call the components place and ask them.A dumb inquiry is always much better than a dumb failure IMO.

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Thanks because that the advice. The one axle the is good will to the right in either next of the trans. The poor axle wont go slide all the method in both sides....about an inch short. I dont think the bolts will certainly reach but will shot that tomorrow. Ns am going to practice patience ~ above this one. No means i could have done this without all the aid on this board. I am sooooo near now.

When you have actually the new axles side by next .. Room you speak one is much shorter than the other? I would certainly tell the seller what the deal is, you desire one to complement the "good" one and also have castle send friend a replacement of the appropriate length... Exactly how does the brand-new replacement compare to the old persons in length? I"m reasoning that you were shipped 2 various model fits.. Great Luck, ns think castle will perform the ideal thing and get this straight... Yet stay after ~ them. I"d hesitate v tightening those bolts because the size is wrong.. If it to be me,, I"d measure up the old pillar that originally came the end of the RTV , measure the brand-new shaft that fits, see if they are the same, and tell the sellers that is what you desire shipped asap and I would wait ~ above it come come prior to doing anything else .. Edit: if the length is the same yet the troublemaker is not going in, I"d still have actually them send another.. The within plates the the transmission could get bending etc and that would cost you a fortune. The splines of the shaft or miscellaneous isn"t syncing in there... Other on troublemaker is different from the other shaft.. Great luck, collie