When Everybody Loves Raymond aired its last episode in might 2005, viewers more than likely weren’t conscious of the tumult the cast and also crew had actually to resolve behind the scene in the main leading as much as the big finale.

The cast of beam Romano (Ray), Patricia Heaton (Debra), Brad Garrett (Robert), Doris Roberts (Marie), and Peter Boyle (Frank) constantly filmed prior to a live audience. Yet those lucky enough to witness the Barone’s taking leave actually had actually to leave prior to seeing a performance.

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Cast of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’: (l-r) Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts, beam Romano, Patricia Heaton, Monica Horan, Brad Garrett | Monty Brinton/CBS photo Archive/Getty Images

The actors comments top top the ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Finale

In a conversation through Larry King just prior to the Everybody Loves Raymond finale aired, Romano, Heaton, and Garrett provided some clues on the critical episode.

“It has a finale feel to it. But, you know, we maintained true come ourselves,” Romano shared. “It’s not spectacular, and there’s no life-changing thing. However it has actually a little much more emotional resonance, i think.”

Revealing the they had filmed the finale month earlier, Romano wanted to keep the exact same 30-minute style rather than stretching the episode.

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“It’s a half hour,” the sitcom star said King. “You know, us didn’t want to execute an hour. Us didn’t want to take it a half hour show and stretch it right into an hour like typically that happens. We just did a funny episode.”

Emotions ran high top top the critical day that ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’

The co-stars speak of the emotional affect of coming to the end of their nine-season run.

“We talked around it all year, actually, like, how we to be going to feeling on the final episode and what ours reactions were going come be,” Heaton explained. “I believed I to be going to be actual shutdown because it’s too huge of a point — too much has happened come us therefore show and also I just didn’t think I’d be able to deal with it.

Romano admitted he obtained choked up once he experienced Peter Boyle, who played irritable hard guy candid Barone, gain misty-eyed.

“I was keeping it together, and also when we come out for the curtain call and also Peter hugged me and also I experienced tears in his eyes,” the Parenthood star recalled. “I understand him together Peter, however I additionally know him together Frank the curmudgeon and this and that, and also that was sort of heavy when I saw that.”

Patricia Heaton it s okay laryngitis

While the cast and crew were expecting a relocating performance, no one was prepared for Heaton to lose her voice.

“From the an initial day that rehearsal, i sobbed the totality day,” she said King. “Then as soon as we got to the taping of the show, I lost my voice, and we couldn’t do it.”

Romano recalled having to send residence the studio audience for the first time in ripe seasons.

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“When we were all set to movie the episode, literally, together we were ready to it is in introduced,” the Everybody Loves Raymond alum explained. “Patty, in the beginning of the day, her voice to be hoarse, so us waited, we waited. At showtime, the voice was gone. We had to send the audience home and also do the the adhering to week.”

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According to Phil Rosenthal’s book, You’re lucky You’re Funny: how Life i do not care a Sitcom, the arrangement was to film the finale a couple of days later and also then head come the plunder party. Yet then one more co-star occurred the very same ailment together Heaton.

“The large wrap party was scheduled for Sunday anyway, so us would perform the show, then go to the big party,” Rosenthal recalled. “It actually was walk to work out well. Except it didn’t. Patty’s voice did no come back Sunday, and also now, not to be outdone, Doris Roberts had actually lost her voice. To height it off, Peter Boyle had actually come down through a cold.”

Later the week, all actors members were earlier in peak form. “That Friday, everyone remained in perfect health,” Rosenthal wrote. We had done a pair of brush-up rehearsals, in reality making ‘Finale’ our most rehearsed episode.”