What is the legal drinking age for All-Inclusive resorts? the is a inquiry that has actually been asked plenty of times. Over there is a lot of of details out there, including having to it is in 21 to it is in served.

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The legal drinking period in Punta Cana and the remainder of the Dominican Republic is 18.

All-Inclusive Resorts

They follow the legit requirements, although sometimes someone younger that is v parents may get served. However, fancy bands show whether the traveler is over 18.

The employee of this resort room careful, together they don’t great to jeopardize their employment. The resorts follow the legal requirements.

If someone younger it s okay served, it is top top the server’s responsibility. However, if you room under 18, you should wait come visit, if every you care about is drinking.

So much Else to perform Aside from Drinking


There is so much going on at the All-Inclusive resorts the a teenager need not drink to have actually fun. Additionally, for teens with legitimate friends, over there are countless cool drinks that have the right to be made, without the addition of alcohol, the taste great.

Some difficult Lessons

Discussions through parents have displayed that some teens have to learn the hard way about drinking moderately; those underage are even much more prone come overindulge. Teenagers that acquire sick from drinking perform not obtain a opportunity to reap a vacation that have to be a exorbitant relaxing and also fun experience.

Comments from a couple of years earlier indicate that some teens younger than 18 to be being served.

Special Cocktails without Alcohol

There is non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine the is claimed to periodically be served at the bars in Punta Cana. However, part travelers have actually never checked out it.


Instead, opt because that the fun drinks and juice drinks that room available, such together the Majestic, that contain no alcohol; girlfriend can get the color, flavor, and coolness of the drink, without the punch; those under 18 will certainly appreciate no seeming different from your siblings or friends.

It is no worth having actually the resort lose their license or one employee losing his job. The said, famous advice come those under 18 is to expect not to drink alcohol. Those end 18 have the right to be offered at swim-up bars and the various other venues at the resort.

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Nightclubs at the resort are also legal because that guests end 18. Intend to have actually a fun vacation at your Punta Cana resort, even if it is you deserve to drink legally or just have to experience among the very delicious specialty non-alcoholic drinks.