A good way to communicate your students is through storyboards that use vocabulary from lord of the Flies. Right here is a perform of a couple of vocabulary words generally taught with the novel and an example of a visual vocabulary board


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Example mr of the paris Vocabulary Words


In the vocabulary board students have the right to choose in between coming up through their usage of the vocabulary board, detect the certain example indigenous the text, or portraying it without words.

Template and Class indict

(These instructions are completely customizable. After click "Use This Assignment through My Students", upgrade the indict on the edit Tab the the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Demonstrate your understanding of the vocabulary indigenous in lord of the flies by producing visualizations.

Choose three vocabulary words from the story and kind them in the location boxes.Find the definition in a print or online dictionary.Write a sentence that provides the vocabulary word.Illustrate the meaning of words in the cell making use of a mix of scenes, characters, and items.Alternatively, use Photos for class to display the an interpretation of the words with the search bar.

Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing come Mastery)

Type the Assignment Individual

Type the Activity: visual Vocabulary Boards

Common main point Standards


The meaning of the sentence can be understood, however the vocabulary word is offered awkwardly or in the not correct context.
The an interpretation of the sentence have the right to be understood, yet the vocabulary native is supplied awkwardly or in the not correct context.
The an interpretation of the sentence have the right to be understood, yet the vocabulary word is supplied awkwardly or in the not correct context.







Each variation of Storyboard That has actually a various privacy and security model that is tailored because that the expected usage.

Free Edition

All storyboards room public and also can be viewed and also copied by anyone. They will also appear in Google find results.

Personal Edition

The writer can pick to leave the storyboard windy or mark it as Unlisted. Unlisted storyboards can be common via a link, yet otherwise will stay hidden.

Educational Edition

All storyboards and also images are private and secure. Teachers have the right to view every one of their students’ storyboards, yet students deserve to only see their own. No one else deserve to view anything. Teachers might opt to lower the defense if they want to enable sharing.

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Business Edition

All storyboards are private and also secure come the portal utilizing enterprise-class document security organized by Microsoft Azure. Within the portal, every users deserve to view and copy all storyboards. In addition, any kind of storyboard deserve to be made “sharable”, where a private connect to the storyboard have the right to be shared externally.