What go "Claddagh" Mean?

The Claddagh ring, or An Fáinne Cladach in the irish language that Gaelic, is a renowned symbol the Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. The Gaelic word, "Cladach", method rocky coast or shore. This quite literally method that the ring is called after the West that Ireland, where it originates.


An irish fishing boat sharing the "Claddagh" surname in honour the the heritage of the architecture in the region.

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The history of the Claddagh Ring

The first Claddagh Ring was made in Galway over 400 years ago in a little fishing town called Claddagh. The identification of the original designer is a matter of some debate, v Richard Joyce organized to be the most likely candidate.


The meaning of the Claddagh Ring

Love, loyalty & Friendship / Grá, Dílseacht agus Cairdeas (Gaelic)

The meaning of the Claddagh is perfectly encapsulated in the phrase “Love, commitment & Friendship”, or if you like to speak gaelic, “Grá, Dílseacht, Cairdeas” (pronounced “Graw, Deal-shocked, Core-jass”). The unique architecture is a mix of three symbols:

The love represents lovethe Crown represents LoyaltyThe Hands represent Friendship

The flexibility of the Claddagh has enabled this architecture to achieve an international fame as a token of love and also friendship. The ring is often available in celebration event of romantic love, such together a promise ring, engagement or wedding ring or band. Equally, the ring can be worn together an emblem of one enduring friendship. Many much more wear the Claddagh together a memento the a expedition to Ireland, or as a beautiful reminder the their ireland heritage.

What is not in doubt is that the design was influenced by roman "Fede" or "Gimmel" rings. These rings featured the hand & love symbols, but lacked the ‘Crowning characteristic’ the the irish Claddagh ring. See an instance of a yellow fede or gimmel ring the british Museum website.

How come Wear a Claddagh Ring

Over the centuries a variety of myths and also legends have collected around the Claddagh ring. One of the most enduring stories surrounds how to wear the Claddagh ring to signify whether or no your heart is taken.


Demonstrated ~ above the left hand, heart suggest facing inward.

To show that your heart is taken, wear your Claddagh ring through the heart pointing towards your body.


Demonstrated ~ above the best hand, heart point facing outward.

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If you are free, solitary or in search of love, wear her ring through the love pointing outward.