Novelist E. M. Forster famously criticizedDickens’s characters as “flat,” lamenting the they seem to lackthe depth and complexity that make literary personalities realisticand believable. Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette certainly fit thisdescription. A guy of honor, respect, and courage, Darnay conformsto the archetype that the hero yet never exhibits the kind of innerstruggle the Carton and Doctor Manette undergo. His oppositionto the Marquis’ snobbish and cruel aristocratic worths is admirable, but,ultimately, his virtue proves as well uniform, and also he fails to exertany compelling force on the imagination.

Along comparable lines, Lucie likely seems to modern readersas uninteresting and also two-dimensional together Darnay. In every detailof she being, she displayed compassion, love, and also virtue; the indelible imageof she cradling she father’s head delicately ~ above her breast encapsulatesher duty as the “golden thread” that holds her household together.She manifests her purity of devotion to Darnay in she unquestioningwillingness to wait at a street edge for two hours each day, onthe off opportunity that the will capture sight of she from his jail window.In a letter come Dickens, a contemporary criticized together simplisticcharacterizations:

The tenacity of her imagination, the vehe-menceand fixity with which you admire your thought right into the information youwish come grasp, limit her knowledge, arrest friend in a solitary feature, preventyou from getting to all the parts of the soul, and also from sound itsdepths.

While Darnay and Lucie might not act together windowsinto the gritty significance of humanity, in combination with other charactersthey contribute to a more detailed snapshot of person nature. First,they administer the light the counters the vengeful mam Defarge’sdarkness, revealing the moral facets of the person soul so noticeablyabsent from madame Defarge. Second, transparent the novel castle manifesta virtuousness that Carton strives to attain and also that inspires hisvery real and also believable struggles to come to be a much better person.

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