Kelly Stables play "Melissa" on Two and a fifty percent Men from 2008 come 2010. Execute you recognize what the amazing actress is up to now? discover out much more here...

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Missouri native Kelly Stables illustrated "Melissa," one of "Alan Harper"s" (Jon Cryer) ex-girlfriends and also former receptionist on Two and also a half Men. The really talented actress appeared in the beloved display for a complete of 10 episodes, from 2008 to 2010. 

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Kelly Stables, additionally known for showing up in The Exes, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Mom, among various other television shows, is currently working top top a very exciting project. Let"s find out more about it...


This is "Melissa" from Two and a fifty percent Men today

After appearing for the last time in Charlie Sheen and also Jon Cryer"s Two and also a half Men, the fabulous Kelly Stables ongoing her acting career top top the large screen in films like Zambezia, horrible Bosses 2, and Tom and also Jerry: The shed Dragon, mostly act voice work.

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Since 2017 she has been play "Kelly" ~ above NBC"s single-camera sitcom Superstore, sharing credits v an amazing cast including America Ferrera and Ben Feldman, among others!


Five fast facts about Kelly Stables aka "Melissa" in Two and also a half Men

She to be born on January 26, 1978.Kelly Stables to be a well-known cheerleader during her high-school years!Did you understand she starred as "Evil Samara" in The Ring Two (2005)?She has two children, Kendrick and also Kellen, born ~ above 2012 and 2015, respectively!Kelly Stables is quite active on social media! See several of her pics here:
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