mermaidlove333it walk both that them and they did no work. Sorry. I will shot again thought but only since I BELIEVE and also i desire to it is in a mermaid much more then something in life

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scarletmoon14i tried the second spell and i feel different! however im scared to discover out is ns a mermaid therefore im no touching any kind of water. Likewise scared of next affects.
No. 1!!!O.K, you"ll must have...*Brown hair (your own herbal color, black counts yet not blonde or ginger)*Hazel, environment-friendly or blue eye (brown doesn"t work and not contacts, genuine eye color)*A smile.Instructions:Pull the end one hair of yours (has come be fairly long). Snap that in a rough fifty percent and ar one side of the hair on every thigh. Smile as widely and also fakely as you can, climate close her eyes contempt so you deserve to still see and think:Mermaids, Mermaids, listen to me,I wish to sign up with you together a creature of the sea,With a blue tail that has actually a touch that gold,And a corresponding top that will never ever grow...
i have actually not tried that so if it dose not work-related don"t reprimand me. You re welcome let me no if it sheep or not in the comments. The in this can not occupational for all. What you must do:put on a symbolput friend feet in a bucket of salt water surrounded by shellshold the price in her hands and recite spell: s waves s breeze come upon me allow be come to be what ns wish to it is in i desire to swim far below and also see coral prosper i desire to breath under water air i do not any more i great to come to be a mermaid forever an ext i wish for a _ tail and the strength of _ water is every i look for i no longer want humidity.there are side effects...



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ok for this reason I have actually this weird thing that might work, who knows, its really cool! so lets try it!first you"ll need:a complete moonshellssalt watera conch shellbelief in mermaids1. If you have ever before watched H2o: Just add Water, climate you should know what Cleo sings once she is hypnotized. Sing that in the conch, then take 2 fingers and dip lock in the salt water. Next, you obstacle your salt water extended fingers on the inside of the conch.2. Now, friend whisper into the conch, "make me a mermaid when wet, a human being when dry."3. Last step, bring your shells and also conch, and also go exterior at night . Climate look at the complete moon because that thirty seconds with the shells bordering your feet. The next time friend touch water, friend will end up being a mermaid. Ttyl everyone!