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Help out various other Metroid prime Trilogy football player on the WII by adding a cheat or an enig that friend know! Please add by clicking thislink
This page contains Metroid prime Trilogy cheats perform for WII version. Currently we have actually 2 cheat in our list, which consists of 2 unlockables. We hope information that you"ll find at this page assist you in play Metroid element Trilogy ~ above WII platform. If friend didn"t discover needed cheats placed request or asking question about this in ~ special section of the game. Additionally you have the right to subscribe top top all brand-new cheats the we"ll discover for friend in the future!

Be act this you have the right to unlock various other Hypermode"s from other games.~Holloween

Unlockable:HowHypermode (Metroid prime 1)Beat Metroid element 1Hypermode (Metroid element 2)Beat Metroid prime 2Hypermode (Metroid prime 3)Beat Metroid element 3

Completing in-game jobs will give you credits that you deserve to use to unlock contents from the main menu. Each video game has your own form of credits, and also their own means to accessibility them.

Unlockable:HowBlue Credits (MP3)Scan objects and items that can be videotaped in her logFriend/Green Credits (MP3)Vouchers sent out from girlfriend (Configure WiiConnect24 on main Menu)Orange/Purple/Yellow Credits (MP1/MP2/MP3)Defeat any type of bossRed Credits(MP3)Scan any kind of creature that have the right to be videotaped in your logSilver Credits (MP1/MP2)Collect artifacts or tricks or complete Log and/or Inventory
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