A common question that constantly comes up v Minecraft is whether or not Sugarcane grows much faster on sand than it walk on dirt. Well, us have response to this question and it’s no something that most civilization would expect.

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For those that don’t wish to role the brief answer is no. If girlfriend are looking for sources and evidence keep on analysis below.

Consulting the Wiki

If you have actually read the entry on the Minecraft wiki girlfriend will an initial notice the there is no recommendation to Sugarcane growing any faster ~ above sand than it walk on dirt. Such details is commonly found in the Trivia section yet from what we deserve to tell there is no sign of such information. However, the wiki go state the following.

A fresh planted cane – and a cane which has just get an impression cane above it – every have period of 0.The age is incremented at random intervals.At age 15, a cane may shot to grow much more cane above it.

With the over information, we understand that the expansion of Sugarcane is no the very same as the is a arbitrarily interval for instance. Let’s say it take away 60 ticks to acquire to the next level in growth. Occasionally the Sugarcane deserve to tick once or twice and also it’s completely independent the the surface ar that the is put on (excluding mods).

Consulting video Evidence

In the over video, us can acquire the break down of growth in seconds prefer this. (the bigger number is faster)

Dirt Block: 2.18/second

Grass Block: 2.31/second

Sand: 2.27/second

Now, before people scream the this method it grows fastest on grass, refer earlier to the wiki or the above excerpt. The growth pattern is random and also this data still falls within the margin the randomness. If the number was bigger say 3.25/second or something substantially faster such as these claims suggest, climate it would certainly be reasonable come say the does faster on stated surface. Because of the little differences in growth rates, though, it’s for sure to say the its random.

What does The source Code Say?

The code need to look comparable to what is presented below.

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if the block above is wait thenvar n = 1increase n v 1 for each sugarcane block above the existing oneif n if metadata = 15 thenplace block on optimal of cane stackset metadata come 0elseincrease metadata with 1endifendifendif

In laymen’s terms, this simply method that the block update role only checks because that an air block above and no much more than two sugar cane blocks below. The does no care about what type of block the is planted on, light level, weather, or anything else.