Irish is the native and also official language that Ireland i m sorry is also called Gaeilge (Standard Irish). Ireland is likewise called Gaelic or Gaeilge language. It is a Goidelic language the the Insular Celtic branch of the Celtic language family. Also, it come under the language household of the Indo-European. The language to be originated from the Island that Ireland. Irish has actually over 1.7 million users all across the globe. The Standard type of irish is known as an Caighdeán Oifigiúil, i m sorry is supplied for composed only. The renowned Dialects of Irish space Munster Irish, Connacht Irish, and Ulster ireland (West and East sub-dialects). Except this, it has two composing systems, and also they room Latin (Irish alphabet) and also Irish Braille. Foras na Gaeilge is a public human body responsible for promoting the ireland language throughout Ireland and also its islands. In the listed below article, let’s see exactly how to say month of the year in Irish.

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The world or region or district that speaks the ireland Language or any kind of primarily irish Speaking region is described as Gaeltacht.

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In the ireland Language, the month is referred to as mhí, and the plural form of the month is composed as míonna (months). So let’s see how to say the remainder of the months of the year in Irish.

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How to Say English month in Irish

Month name in EnglishMonth name in Irish/Gaelic/Gaeilge
SeptemberMeán Fómhair
OctoberDeireadh Fomhair
Novemberna Samhna
Decemberna Nollag

Days based upon Months:

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